Best Travel Shaving Brush Reviews

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If you are the type of man who loves DE shaving, then chances are that your shaving brush is a much loved item that you hold dear and want to keep for as long as possible.

In fact, you might even fear traveling with your favorite shaving brush, worried that the bristles will get damaged or in case in your rush to pack when on the go, you leave it behind.

However, you can avoid the stress and worry of traveling with that much loved shaving brush by investing in a traveling shaving brush, to use when on the road or on the go.

While traveling shaving brushes are certainly not for everyone, those who want a second shaving brush to use when traveling may find one of these brushes quite handy.

So, here you will find reviews of some of the best travel shaving brushes available today.

Edwin Jagger Black Aluminum Travel Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Edwin Jagger Black Aluminum Travel Pure Badger Shaving BrushEdwin Jagger is a British company that has been making shaving products for generations. Their travel shaving brush is made with the same attention to detail that they give to all of their products and has the following features:

  • Made from pure badger bristles.
  • Comes with a handsome black handle.
  • Twist off top.
  • Makes a great gift.
  • Worth the price.

This Edwin Jagger Black Aluminum Travel Shaving Brush is nice looking when assembled, and when not in use, the head of the brush containing the bristles nestles inside the handle of the brush, keeping the bristles from getting mangled and bent when packed in with your other shaving gear.

This travel brush is convenient to use on the road and is great when you go camping or for use in hotels or motels.
Reviews for this product are very positive. Users do find that it is nearly as thick as their regular brushes so it can quickly dry before it is put inside the handle.

The bristles are of good quality as well as soft giving a great shaving experience. Lots of the customers are very happy that it has lasted them many travels and still holding strong.

They also like the fact that it dries quickly, which is convenient when you are traveling and rushing for meetings. It doesn’t take up much space and folds nicely into its holder. Finally, it is lightweight which makes it ideal for traveling.

GBS 100% Pure Badger Bristle Travel Shaving Brush

GBS 100% Pure Badger Bristle Travel Shaving Brush

The GBS 100% pure badger bristle travel shaving brush is an affordable brush designed specifically for shaving when traveling.

Features of it include:

  • 100% badger bristle.
  • Light silver/gray canister.
  • Twist off top.
  • Metal canister.

The canister/ handle of this GBS travel shaving brush looks extremely elegant and attractive, and is perfect for those who want a stylish looking travel brush. This product is quite affordable and the bristles store inside the handle when not in use.

It also gets slightly above average reviews. After going through lots of research, I came across some comments by users who have said that the case for this brush corrodes easily, but the majority of the people did not have this problem.

Still, you should keep in mind to keep the case as dry as possible because leaving water on it can cause some damage.
Those users who have found this product suitable for their needs like the fact that it is small and light since having a small and lightweight brush is convenient when you are on the move.

Besides, the bristles are well shaped and firm, making it easy to load and give quality lather. There is also a hole in the bottom of the canister to help the brush drain when put away wet or damp.

Finally, it is available at a reasonable price if you consider that this is a quality pure badger bristle brush.

Parker Safety Razor 100% Badger Full Size Travel Brush

Parker Safety Razor 100% Badger Full Size Travel Brush

Parker has been making double edge safety razors and accessories for a good number of years so it is really no surprise that this company would offer a travel brush to their customers.

Features of it include:

  • 20mm knot.
  • 100% pure badger hair.
  • Brushed aluminum tube.
  • Full size brush.
  • Parker brand known for quality.

This Parker Travel shaving brush works like most other travel shaving brushes in that the head of the brush unscrews and is turned upside down inside the handle to protect the bristles when traveling.

Parker does take a great pride in the fact that the bristle part of their brush is full size and not a smaller version like other manufacturers offer.

This feature brings it to the same quality as non-traveling shaving brushes and gives you a rich lather as well as an easier loading.

Users like this product although I expected to see much higher reviews. Still, some people seemed to have a problem with the shedding of the bristles but any new shaving brush will shed a little in the beginning until it settles down.

Lots of other users did not have any such problem and they really liked that the bristles are soft on the face and provide a good lather. They also appreciated that it has a nice and elegant looking design and that Parker has done a good job.

Baxter of California Aluminum Travel Shave Brush

Baxter of California Aluminum Travel Shave Brush

Baxter of California is known for its elegant DE shaving equipment, and their travel shaving brush is no exception.

Some of its features are:

  • 100% natural badger brush.
  • It can dry even when in the case.
  • Aluminum handle with black matte anodized finish.
  • Made in Germany.

There is little doubt that this Baxter of California Aluminum Travel Shave Brush is a high quality brush and extremely elegant looking.

However, its price may make it a little out of the price range for people who are looking for an inexpensive brush, but it is certainly well worth the price.

Reviews are quite positive with the vast majority of users really liking it. Some of the benefits they talk about are its high quality and the rich lather it creates.

They also find that it is very stable and sturdy to use after assembly. In addition, it is very easy to load, it builds a great lather and it is very lightweight, which is an added advantage for a traveling brush. Its handle is anodized finish aluminum which makes it strong and not easy to chip.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best travel shaving brush to take on the road, the above well reviewed options will surely be of interest to you.