Best Toddler Slippers

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There are few joys more poignant than when parents watch that infant grow and mature and begin to explore the world around them first by crawling and then by walking.

However, along with the joy comes a whole set of new worries such as how to keep your child’s feet warm while helping to reduce the number of falls your child experiences while learning to walk.

Not only are sock difficult to keep on an active infant and toddler, but they can also prove to be slippery on hardwood or tile floors.

Slippers are more practical, but finding the best toddler slippers for your child may not seem such an easy task. However, after some research we have found some of the best slippers for toddlers on today’s market and here is a look at them.

Acorn Easy Bootie

The Acorn company makes some great footwear for infants and children, and their easy bootie for infants and toddlers is an ideal bootie to keep your child’s feet warm and the bootie on their feet.

These booties are made for children 0-12 months and 1-4 years so they are perfect for most toddlers.

They feature an all fabric upper in a wide variety of colors, with a man made sole that has a non slip grip to help toddlers remain on their feet even on wood and tile floors as well as designs perfect for both boys and girls.

In fact, they are so functional they are endorsed by both the Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s hospital. These fuzzy cloth booties embrace your toddler’s feet keeping them warm and comfortable while they play in the house.

They offer a good grip on those hardwood floors and they don’t fall off most children, though a determined toddler may be able to pull them off. Best of all, they don’t shrink when thrown in the wash.

Although Acorn Easy Booties are not the cheapest booties on the market, they are less expensive than many others and provide your toddler with both the warmth and the grip that is needed as they begin walking and exploring the home. Also, kids tend to love these slippers and actually enjoy wearing them.

Foamtreads Rocket Slippers

Foamtreads Rocket Slippers are made for children of all ages 0-12 years, and come in a wide variety of sizes as well as such colors as navy, pink and burgundy.

They are made of fabric and are hand washable. They also feature man made treaded rubber outsoles.

The outside of these slippers features a natural wool outer with a soft comfortable lining and a padded inner sole.

They look enough like a shoe that can be worn out of doors in a nice weather and they are designed to be unisex.

Most parents really like these slippers and find that their children do, too because they are so comfortable and soft. They are easy to get on and off as well. They are warm and durable but few people mentioned that they were more heavy than what they would like.

¨Cool Beans¨ Genuine Sheepskin Toddler Slippers

The ¨Cool Beans¨ Toddler Slippers are really cute and made in the style of winter boots.

They can be used both for inside play as well as moderate activity outdoors.

They are made of genuine sheepskin and a thick layer of wool that will guarantee both warmth and a snug fir around your toddler´s feet.

This slipper is suitable for kids aged 1 up to 5 years old who will find easy to put them on without any help. Most importantly, they don´t fall off and they are flexible and lightweight.

The anti-slip and anti-friction sole will make your child´s movement activities easier as well as safer while the reinforced suede heel counter will offer some extra support.

Reviews about this product are great. People are very pleased with a number of benefits these cute little booties offers such as comfort, warmth and great quality.

They really like the fact that their kids can wear them all day since they are very comfortable and lightweight, offer good support and look great with any outfit.

They are easy to put on and kids don´t need to wear socks because these are soft slippers that keep feet warm without making them sweat.

People also love the bright red color and find these booties simply adorable!

Acorn Kids Moc Slipper

The Acorn kids Moc slippers are ideal for both toddlers and older children since they run in a variety of sizes for children 1-12 years.

They come in a wide variety of colors and designs suitable for both boys and girls, and there are even some higher booties to choose from.

These booties are made from a fleece material and different selections of booties may have a slightly different texture that feels almost like a blanket or furry material.

The insole is memory foam with a moisture wicking lining that is sure to keep your toddler’s feet both warm and dry. These slippers are soft and cozy feeling even on a cold’s winter day and offer a non skid bottom.

While parents do like them and find them to be of a high quality, they state that the sizing for these slippers is not great and that it may be best to order a size up from your toddler’s or child’s shoe size.

Kamik Cozy Cabin Slipper

Kamik Cozy Cabin SlipperThe Kamik Cozy cabin slipper is sized for children ages 1 to 4 years old.

It has both a felt upper and sole with a cushioned memory foam insole. The outsole is printed to be anti-slip.

Both parents and children really love these cabin slippers.

Parents like the fact that they are of a high quality as well as durable and that their kids actually want to wear them.

They will also stay on your child’s feet without constantly falling off.

Toddlers love that these slippers are cute, comfortable and keep their feet warm even when walking on the coldest floors.

People do say that when they get dirty, you can wash and air dry them.

Acorn Kadabra Slipper

Acorn Kadabra Slipper These Acorn Kadabra Slippers come made for toddlers´ ages 1 through 4 and are available in sizes both for little and big kids.

They also come in 6 colors and designs. They consist of a fabric (almost blanket like upper) and synthetic sole with an elastic cuff and suede sidewall.

Reviews for these bootie style slippers mention that they are warm and stay on the children’s feet.

They are durable and kids like that they have anti-slip soles.

Parents really like that they are incredibly comfortable and are actually so comfortable that kids want to wear them.

They are also well made and warm not only on their child’s feet, but also on their ankles. The soles prevent your child from slipping on wood or tile floors.

BePe Baby Toddler and Little Kids No Slip House Slippers

BePe Baby Toddler and Little Kids No Slip House Slippers These ¨BePe Baby¨ Toddler slippers come in toddler sizes 5, 6, 7-8, and 9-10.

They are made of blanket like fleece with a soft sole and vinyl non-skid soles with a lightly cushioned inner sole for more comfort.

They are machine washable and available in such colors as royal blue, chocolate brown, royal blue with soccer ball designs and chocolate brown with monkeys.

Reviews are extremely good with parents mentioning many pros including the fact that these slippers are good for children with slightly wider feet and that they are lightweight and not bulky.

They also like the fact that the elastic top helps to keep them on their child’s feet.

Toddlers like that they can put them on all by themselves and that either slipper will fit either foot, so younger toddlers don’t have to worry about getting them on the wrong foot.

Scooties Fleece Booties by Luvable Friends

Scooties Fleece Booties are designed for infants and young toddlers with sizes ranging for children 0-18 months.

While these booties do come in a wide variety of colors suitable for both boys and girls, they don’t have a tread to prevent sliding on hardwood floor.

Still, for younger toddlers and infants, these cute little booties are made of a fleece material that looks like lamb’s wool on those stuffed lambs your children love, and they offer a velcro closure which makes the slippers easy to put on and take off.

They are also washable which is extremely handy and do stay on better than most socks, keeping your child’s feet incredibly warm. While parents say that they hold up well considering an infants rapid growth, they also mention that after a few washings, the slippers look a bit worse for wear.

However, the price is reasonable and infants seem to love these cozy warm slippers.

Minnetonka Cassie Slipper

The Minnetonka company is known for its slip on moccasins, and the Minnetonka Cassie slipper looks like a smaller version of those moccasins that many adults enjoy wearing as slippers and casual shoes.

They come in toddler sizes suitable for preschoolers 1-4 years old and older children 4-8 years.

Made from 100% cow suede with rubber non slip soles suitable to be worn inside or outside, they feature a faux fur lining. Soft and comfortable, they are perfect for those toddlers who want slippers just like mommy and daddy.

Their style is unisex and parents state that the laces tend to come untied easily. The main selling point of these slippers is that they are extremely durable and perfect for children with slightly wider feet.

Acorn Kid’s Colby Gore Moc Slippers

The Acorn Kid’s Colby Gore Moc Slippers come in sizes suitable for toddlers ages 1-4 years and children ages 4-12.

They come is a variety of colors and designs, and feature a texture upper with a man made sole.

The rubber outer sole does offer good traction and there is good cushioning to help keep your child’s feet feeling comfortable as well as warm. There is elastic goring at the sides of the slipper for a better fit and the memory foam EVA insole is fabric wrapped.

These slippers tend to be very durable, but like all Acorn slippers, their sizing can be difficult. However, with wear they do tend to stretch. Their quality tends to be excellent. Children love these slippers and their parents find them to be extremely cute as well as affordable.

They do tend to run a bit small, though, so it is best to order a size larger than your child’s shoe size.

Carter´s Shasha2BS Slipper

Carter´s Shasha2BS SlipperIf you find that you have difficulty keeping slippers on your child’s feet, it becomes essential to find a pair your child loves and actually wants to wear.

This Shasha slipper is just such a slipper. It is made to resemble furry green monster feet with little spines or scales on the back and comes in toddler sizes 5-6 or 9-10.

Reviews are extremely good with parents saying that these slippers are soft and warm on their toddler´s feet and that the little dots on the bottom provides good traction.

They also like that they are washable and they look super cute. When it comes to children, they just seem to love wearing them.

Thomas & Friends The Tank Engine Blue A-Line Slippers

These Thomas & Friends slippers come in sizes 5-6, 7-8 as well as 9-10 and are available in a bright blue color with appliqued graphics of the famous tank engine.

They are also made from man-made fleece uppers and fabric textured soles.

These slippers are good quality, according to most users´ feedback, and fit pretty true to size.

They are soft and warm on your child’s feet and offer good traction on wood and tile floors.

Of course, since they feature one of your child’s favorite characters, your child is going to be more likely to wear them.

Estamico Toddler Boy’s Doggy Slipper

These Estamico Toddler Slippers are as cute as can be.

They come in toddler size 4-5, 6-7, and 8-9 and are made of blue and gray striped plush linen knitted looking uppers.

They are also designed to look like a puppy complete with floppy ears and a tail.

Reviews are quite good. These slippers are warm, comfortable and vibrantly colored.

They are also well made with an elastic top that keeps them on your child´s feet.

Although they run a tad bit big, the elastic helps them stay on the feet and reviews say that they are easy for most toddlers to put them on and take them off by themselves.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a pair of toddler slippers as a gift for a child you know or your own child, then one of the above options is a good place to start in your search for the best toddler slippers to buy.