Best Tamanu Oil For Skin Review

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Natural plant oils always amaze me when it comes to their rich benefits for the skin and hair.

Today, I am writing about a natural oil that has amazed me even more than usual due to its broad uses for a number of skin conditions, Tamanu Oil.

In this review, we will find what the best Tamanu oil for skin is, its benefits and uses for the skin as well as some top quality tamanu oil brands with great users’ reviews.

What is Tamanu Oil?

Tamanu oil is a natural nut oil which comes from the kernels of the nuts of the Tamanu tree (indigenous in tropical countries.) The kernels are extracted and cured for a period of 6 to 8 weeks before the oil is taken.

Polynesians are said to have used tamanu for treating different skin problems. It has been traditionally used for skin healing and used as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal natural product. People use it both as a natural  skin and hair care treatment.

Benefits Of Tamanu Oil For Your Skin

Tamanu Oil contains Calophylic Acid, an element which gives the oil its ability to penetrate all the skin layers and achieve positive results including the fading of blemishes and scars as well as renewing skin cells.

More specifically, here are some of the skin benefits of this oil:

  • Heals Acne– It helps to heal acne faster and it is good for preventing breakouts and reducing acne scars.
  • Treats Burns and Insect Bites– It treats burns, insect bites, minor scrapes and cuts. It is also used to reduce scars after surgery or an accident.
  • Relieves Dry Skin Symptoms– Tamanu oil soothes dry and flaky skin, making it soft and relieving eczema and psoriasis symptoms. It can reduce dandruff, too.
  • Anti-Aging Function– It has anti-aging properties such as reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Makes Skin Soft and Smooth– Apart from making your skin softer and smoother, it evens skin tone and gives your complexion a more dewy appearance.
  • Erases Stretch Marks– It helps fade stretch marks.
  • Cures Nail Fungus– It can be used to eliminate nail fungus naturally.

Now that we know more about what tamanu oil can do for your skin, let’s have a look at the best tamanu oil brands.

Majestic Pure Extra Virgin Tamanu Oil

The Majestic Pure Extra Virgin Tamanu Oil comes in a big 4 ounce amber bottle with a glass dropper applicator. This is a pure extra virgin oil.

Users’ reviews are very positive and here is what people like most about it:

  • It helps to heal burns, insect bites and rashes of all kinds.
  • Fights skin infections.
  • Heals and prevents scarring.
  • Works as a moisturizer, leaving skin soft, smooth and plump.
  • Cures athlete’s foot.
  • Good for acne.

Leia Naturals Organic Tamanu Oil

The Leia Naturals Tamanu Oil is an ECOCERT and USDA certified organic oil of a premium quality which is sourced from the islands of Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean. It is free of additives, fillers, preservatives and fragrances.

This natural product is not only good for the skin but hair and scalp as well. According to the company, it restores dry brittle hair, nourishes the scalp and promotes hair growth.

It comes in a 1 ounce dark amber pump bottle which protects the oil from oxidation.

Some of the benefits people have experienced after using this product are:

  • It is long lasting since a little goes a long way.
  • It leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth.
  • Fades acne scars.
  • Reduces skin flakiness and improves the texture of the skin.
  • Goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly.

Cammile Q Pure Tamanu Oil

The Cammile Q Cold-Pressed Tamanu Oil is a good quality product that comes in a 1 ounce amber bottle.

Here is what users have liked most about it:

  • It stops itchiness from bug bites, even the painful itching of shingles.
  • Softens and smoothes skin reducing wrinkles and even fading acne scars.
  • Evens skin tone.
  • Fades age spots and stretch marks.
  • Conditions the scalp.
  • Absorbs quickly and does not leave behind any greasy residue.

Leven Rose Tamanu Oil

The Leven Rose Tamanu Oil is a pure, unrefined and cold pressed oil produced in Madagascar. It comes in a 1 ounce dark amber glass bottle with a glass dropper.

The color of the oil is very dark green with a yellow tint but, bare in mind, that this is its natural color since the product is completely free of artificial colorants.

  • It is fast absorbing and doesn’t leave behind any oily residue.
  • It reduces acne and heals different types of scars including acne scars.
  • Minimizes dry skin including symptoms of psoriasis.
  • When rubbed into sore and inflamed joints, it reduces arthritic pain.
  • Users also review that it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, leaving their skin smoother and younger.

Pur 365 Tamanu Oil

The Pur 365 Tamanu oil is USDA certified organic, unrefined and cold pressed. It comes from Vanuatu, Polynesia and is contained in an easy to use 1 ounce amber pump bottle.

  • A lot of users have stated that this oil deals with severe cases of psoriasis, clearing it up completely in certain cases.
  • Helps with dry and patchy skin.
  • Effective with shingles.
  • Makes skin soft and smooth.
  • Absorbs very well.

For some users, tamanu oil’s scent is too nutty, yet it dissipates quite fast.

All in all, the best Tamanu Oil for skin is a product that is pure and free of fillers and preservatives. Contained in a glass bottle is also a healthier option.