Best Rose Essential Oils For Face Reviews

Rose damascena for rose oilRose essential oil has long been used for beauty purposesdue to its wonderful benefits for the skin and face including anti aging.

Because of its astringent and anti-microbial properties, it also makes a great acne reduction treatment and can be helpful to soothe and minimize rosacea redness or flare-ups because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition, due to its healing properties, it can be used to minimize the appearance of surgery scars.

People with mature and dry types of skin can particularly benefit themselves by using this oil.

For me, a product that belongs to the same family, the rose water toner, is the one of the best toners to have a clear, vibrant and healthy looking skin, balancing oiliness and preventing acne breakouts but rose essential oil can be even stronger if topically applied on blemishes.

Nevertheless, before applying any essential oil directly to your skin and especially on your face, you should always perform a patch test.

There are not that many essential oils that are recommended to be used directly to the skin, so it is always better to first dilute them in a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or coconut oil that are good for acne prone or oily and combination skin.

Rose essential oil has many other uses apart from applying it to the skin such as using it in an essential oil diffuser. It has a soothing smell that ‘speaks’ to the heart and it is said to be a wonderful oil to be used not just for the skin but for emotional well being as well.

Rose Otto Oil Vs Rose Absolute Oil

When looking for the best rose essential oils, keep in mind that you will bump into two names and these are Rose Otto and Rose Absolute. The difference between these two is the way of extraction.

While Rose Otto is steam distilled, Rose absolute is solvent extracted which makes it a less pure and healthy option of a rose oil. Also, the rose otto is a lot more expensive and has therapeutic properties while the Rose Absolute is very much used in perfumes because of its strong scent.

Due to its cheaper price, Rose absolute oil can be more easily used in essential oil diffusers.

What Is The Best Rose Oil For The Face?

Both Rose Otto and Rose Absolute Oil can be used in DIY skincare products (always recommended to do a patch test first.)

Rose Otto is well known for its skin benefits including face care while the Rose Absolute can preferably be used in DIY body skin care products.

Always use rose essential oil for the skin and especially for the face if you have first diluted it in a carrier oil. There are rose oils that are pre-diluted with other oils but then they are not pure essential oils.

In this review, I have first selected to review the best rose Otto Essential oils and then the Rose Absolute oils. Each product is reviewed in detail about its most important characteristics, giving some feedback coming from the users.

So, let’s have a look at some of the best rose essential oils.

Alteya Organics Pure USDA Organic Essential Bulgarian Rose Oil

Alteya Organics Pure USDA Organic Essential Bulgarian Rose OilThe Alteya Organics Essential Bulgarian Rose Oil is certified organic and according to the company, it is made by 100% pure rose otto which is another name for the Turkish rose.

It is steam distilled and the fact that it crystalizes at specific temperatures indicates that it is made of real Bulgarian Roses. The way to bring it back to its liquid form is to warm up the bottle a bit. You can do it by rolling the bottle in your palms for a minute or two.

This oil has therapeutic, healing and beautifying properties and is medicinal grade. Its scent is deep.

What do the User Reviews Say?

Users state that it has a nice long lasting scent and they like the fact that it is extremely potent. It also works great in DYI skin care products and helps provide people with a glowing skin.

They also like using this rose essential oil in face washes and moisturizing lotions, finding that its scent is extremely relaxing.

Miracle Botanicals Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil – 100% Pure Rosa Damascena

Miracle Botanicals Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil The Miracle Botanicals Bulgarian Rose Otto is a 100% steam distilled essential oil that is made from the petals harvested from the so called valley of roses in Kazanlak, Bulgaria.

The botanical name of the roses that make this oil is Rosa Damascena.

It comes in three different sizes of bottles and, according to the company, it helps hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate the skin while it is particularly beneficial for dry or sensitive types of skin. This is a therapeutic grade rose essential oil that has great healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

What do the User Reviews Say?

People review that this is an outstanding oil with an amazing smell which resembles roses that are freshly cut. Users find that it actually smells better than other rose otto oils and is more active.

Many people add it to their toner and moisturizing face cream. It benefits the skin and makes a great natural product to minimize and heal surgery scars.

Plant Therapy Rose Absolute Essential Oil

Plant Therapy Rose Absolute Essential Oil

‘Plant Therapy’ is a reliable and well established company in the world of essential oils for a long time.

Their Rose Absolute Essential Oil is solvent extracted of the Rose x damascena, also known as the Damask Rose, which according to wiki, it is a rose hybrid that is derived from rosamoschata and rosagallica.

This is a pure essential oil deriving from real roses. According to the company, its scent is rich, sweet and floral. It has calming properties and when used on the skin, it reduces aging signs such as wrinkles, and it makes skin smooth.

What do the User Reviews Say?

What users like about this rose oil is its high quality, the fact that is unadulterated and smells delicious as well as its price.

Its consistency is thick, which is normal for a pure rose oil, but since sometimes users have had issues with the oil not flowing easily through the dropper, the company has provided them with new bottles that perform very well so people are also very pleased with the customer service of the company.

Rose (Moroccan) 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Absolute Oil by Edens Garden

Rose Moroccan Absolute Oil by Edens GardenEdens Garden is another trustworthy company that creates high quality essential oils.

Their Rose Moroccan Pure Essential Oil is GC/MS tested to ensure therapeutic grade quality. It is also free of GMO, pesticides and additives. The botanical name of the rose used is Rosa Centifolia.

This product comes in different quantity bottles with the euro dropper caps not being included with the 100 and 250 ml bottles. It is solvent extracted, medium thick and has a rich and sweet floral aroma which is a bit herbaceous. The color is orangey-red and it has a shelf life of four years.

Moreover, the company offers a handy brochure containing 150 ways to use essential oils.

What do the User Reviews Say?

People are very satisfied with the high quality of this therapeutic oil and love using it in aromatherapy massages, on the wrists and on their face to reduce redness. ‘Edens Garden’ is one of their favourite brands when buying top quality essential oils.

The company makes another rose essential oil which comes from Bulgarian roses and we will review it next. People review that the Moroccan’s scent is not as sweet and strong as the Bulgarian.

Rose (Bulgarian) 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Absolute Oil by Edens Garden

Rose Bulgarian Absolute Oil by Edens GardenThis Edens Garden Rose Bulgarian Essential Oil comes, as the title indicates, from Bulgarian rose petals and its botanical name is Rosa damascena, a synonym to Rose Otto or Turkish rose.

Its consistency is thick, the color is orangey-red and the aroma is sweet, rich and flowery, smelling like real roses. Similarly to the Edens Garden Oil above, this oil is of high quality and followed by a guide on essential oils.

What do the User Reviews Say?

People like the top quality of this product and the many uses it offers. It can be used to make different DIY skin care products such as lotions, bath salts, diy mists, and even room fresheners.

It helps with wrinkles and makes the skin soft. It also has anti-fungal properties and feels calming when diffused or applied to the skin.

Aura Cacia Essential Oil, Equalizing Rose Absolute, 0.125 fluid ounce

Aura Cacia Rose Absolute OilAura Cacia creates good quality products and their Rose Absolute Essential Oil is made from the Rosa damascena without any dilution with other ingredients.

They recommend it for aromatherapy treatments, creating perfumes, diffusing and well as applying to mature skin for revitalizing and nourishing benefits.

Its scent is described as warm, rich, long lasting, floral and uplifting. This oil comes with a safety cap.

What do the User Reviews Say?

People are pleased with this product’s quality. They say it is potent and well worth the price. The scent is heavenly and if you want your house or skin smell like a backyard full of roses, this is a good oil to start with.

Aviano Botanicals Pure Rose Oil

Aviano Botanicals Pure Rose Oil

This Aviano Botanicals Rose oil neither comes from Rosa Centifolia nor from rosadamascena. According to the company, it is an essential oil that comes from a rose originating from France.

The company recommends this product for aromatherapy use, facials, perfumes, face care, hair care and more. They say it has no additives and a great scent. It comes with a 100% guarantee.

What do the User Reviews Say?

People like its aroma and the fact that it is not thick and it works exceptionally well in DIY skin care products. It is very healing, tightens the skin and has a calming effect.

They love how soft their face feels when using it and feel that it is very good value for the price.

Healing Solutions Rose Absolute Oil

Healing Solutions Rose Absolute Oil

This is a Rose Absolute oil that comes in a 10 ml amber bottle and is followed by a money refund guarantee.
Moreover, it gets a lot of reviews but not positive ones always.

What do the User Reviews Say?

Some users find that it has a nice scent, but some others think it’s too strong and not so authentic.

People use it for their essential oil diffusers and to create their own DIY skin products. They also like that it is quite affordable.

Majestic Pure Rose Oil Absolute

Majestic Pure Rose Oil Absolute

This Majestic Pure Rose Oil is produced from Rosa damascena and contains no additives.

According to the company, it has a rich sweet scent and can be used for many purposes such as wound infections, relief of cramped muscles, strengthening hair roots and more.

They also suggest mixing it with a carrier oil if you are not using it for aromatherapy, diluting 8 drops into 10 ml of carrier oil.

What do the User Reviews Say?

People like its scent while others find it too intense.

Mixed with a carrier oil, this product gives a nice glow to the skin. People like using it in diy soaps and lotions as well.

NOW Foods, Rose Absolute, 5% oil blend

Now Foods Rose Absolute Oil

Now Foods Rose Absolute is a pre-diluted rose oil, which makes it suitable to be used directly from the bottle to the skin without the need for dilution.

The rose used in it is Rosa damascena and the carrier oil used is grape seed oil.

What do the User Reviews Say?

While some users find its scent just the right strength, others find it too mild. Since it is mixed with grape seed oil, you might not get the smell strength you want by diffusing it.

In addition, this oil is preferably used by some people for dry winter skin, making it soft and glowing. They say that this is a gentle oil for their skin and feel that it’s hydrating.

Hera Nature Bulgarian Rose Oil with Rosehip Oil and Jojoba Oil

Hera Nature Bulgarian Rose Oil with Rosehip Oil and Jojoba Oil

This Hera Nature Rose Oil is made with Bulgarian Rose Damascena and comes in a 1 ounce amber bottle with a dropper applicator.

It is mixed with jojoba oil and rosehip oil so it is not recommended to be used in a diffuser but it can be used on the skin directly since it is diluted. It comes with a money back guarantee.

What do the User Reviews Say?

This oil leaves the skin silky and smooth while a small amount goes a long way.

Users also say that it reduces wrinkles and works great in DIY skin care products. They love its natural rose scent and the fact that it absorbs quickly into their skin.

First Botany Cosmeceuticals Rose Absolute Oil

First Botany Cosmeceuticals Rose Absolute Oil

This First Botany Cosmeceuticals Rose oil is a rose absolute oil coming from rosa damascena that is grown at the base of the Himalayan Mountains.

What do the User Reviews Say?

Users find that this oil has a wonderful scent but not everyone is satisfied with its fragrance.

In addition, it improves the appearance of the skin.

All in all, if you are looking for a therapeutic grade or great quality rose essential oil for the face and skin, rose otto is the best. In this review, you have found some of the best rose essential oils for face care as well as all other uses.