Best Pure Sweet Almond Oil For Skin And Hair

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Almond oil for skin and hairPure Sweet Almond Oil for the skin and hair was one of the first natural oils I loved using and has been a staple in my skincare routine ever since.

Initially, I tried it to treat dry itchy and irritated skin with some red rashes and I was relieved to experience very positive results but also surprised at the same time that just pure almond oil and no other fancy skincare product could sort out my problem. Since then, it has been one of those natural oils that I completely trust for skin dryness and irritation.

Almond oil is soothing and moisturizing, and people like using it due to a wide number of health benefits for their hair and skin including the reduction of eczema and Psoriasis, moisturizing and relieving dry skin, removing make-up as well as healing chapped lips and hair split ends.

People use cold pressed pure sweet almond oil on its own or love mixing it in their body lotions, face masks or hair masks with many of them who have tried it ending up replacing most of their skin care products with this oil.
So, here is a look at some of the best pure Sweet almond oils for your skin and hair.

Also, keep in mind that the purest form of almond oil is the cold pressed organic one and here we have selected some good quality top reviewed options.

Now Solutions 100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil

Now Solutions 100% Pure Sweet Almond OilThe Now Solutions Sweet Almond Oil comes in a 16 ounce bottle and the company claims that it is 100% pure.

This natural oil gets extremely high reviews with most consumers finding this product perfect to meet their skin and hair needs.

Users find that it works great when used by itself or mixed with DIY skin and hair products including lotions and scrubs. Sweet almond oil doesn’t clog pores and absorbs fairly easily into the skin.

Most users say that it reduces acne breakouts, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles as well as works great as a hair mask when kept on for overnight or even for a couple of hours.

People like that it leaves their skin glowing gently and there are a number of recipes on the internet for facial and body scrubs as well homemade skin lotions made using sweet almond oil.

Viva Naturals Sweet Almond Oil

Viva Naturals Sweet Almond Oil This Viva Naturals Sweet Almond Oil is cold pressed, undiluted, unscented and contains no additional ingredients. It is also hexane free as well as food grade and comes in a 16 ounce plastic container.

Reviews for this pure almond oil are excellent with the vast majority of consumers who purchased this product finding a good many benefits of it.

A number of women have found that it works excellent for removing make-up easily without having to rub too hard while both men and women have said that it is excellent for hair as well.

They use it for making hair masks and when added into homemade shampoos and conditioners, it softens their hair as well as reduces and heals split ends.

Users also mention that this oil makes a great carrier oil and that it works well in DYI lotions and body washes, moisturizing their skin nicely and making it soft and smooth to the touch.

It absorbs quickly without feeling oily and, according to some users, it has very little scent to interfere with other essentials oils or perfumes.

Beauty Aura 100% Pure Almond Oil

Beauty Aura 100% Pure Almond Oil This Beauty Aura Almond Oil comes in a 16 ounce container. It is hexane and chemicals free, and is made in the USA.

Consumers love this product and review that it is beneficial for both their hair and skin.

According to users´ feedback, this almond oil’s pros include the fact that it moisturizes well extremely dry skin without leaving lingering greasiness.

Some users have also noticed that it reduces dark circles under the eyes and brightens up the complexion without clogging the pores.

It leaves their hair soft and manageable and can be used in a large number of homemade skin care and hair care products.

Finally, it is great for removing eye make-up and sells at a good price.

Life-Flo Cold Pressed Pure Almond Oil

Life-Flo Cold Pressed Pure Almond Oil This Life-Flo Pure Almond Oil comes in a 16 ounce bottle and is Hexane free. This oil also contains vitamin E, an antioxidant vitamin that apart from its skin benefits, it works to preserve the product’s freshness as well.

Users are very pleased with this product and mention that although it takes a short bit of time to absorb into their skin, it softens it and keeps it moisturized all day long.

They have also noticed that it absorbs faster when applied straight after the shower.

People say that it makes a great hair mask and works excellent in homemade face scrubs and as a replacement for skin moisturizers.

Several consumers have been effectively using it to prevent flaking of their beard and scalp.

Eve Hansen 100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil

This Eve Hansen Sweet Almond Oil comes in a 15 ounce amber bottle. It is cold pressed, undiluted and odorless.

Also, it is one of the three products in this review that is followed by a full money back guarantee.

Consumers have stated that it moisturizes dry skin well, leaving it soft and healthy looking without causing acne breakouts.

They also find that it is great at removing make-up and especially that hard to remove eye make-up.

It makes a nice hair mask and works especially great on dry cracked feet and heels as well as dry scalp.

People suffering from Eczema report that it relieves itching and even loosens and removes dander.

Mother Nature’s Essentials Organic and Pure Sweet Almond Oil

Mother Nature’s Essentials Organic and Pure Sweet Almond Oil The ¨Mother Nature’s Essentials¨ Almond Oil is USDA certified organic, cold pressed, unrefined, non-fragrant and hexane free.

It is free of GMOs and vegan friendly. It comes in an 8 ounce bottle made from dark BPA free plastic.

It is backed up by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a portion of the company´s proceeds from selling the product is donated to ¨plant saving¨ charities.

Users review that it is lightweight and absorbs easily into their skin. It works great for African American hair and is a good hair moisturizer. A little of it goes a long way.

People love the fact that it softens and moisturizes their skin, adding a nice healthy glow to it. It also helps to fade under eye circles without leaving behind any sticky feeling.

Sweet Almond Oil by Sky Organics

Sweet Almond Oil by Sky OrganicsThis ¨Sky Organics¨ Sweet Almond Oil is, according to the company, cold pressed and organic.

It comes in a 16 ounce amber bottle and is Hexane free.

Consumers say that it has a velvety texture and is great as an all over moisturizer. It absorbs fine and works especially well on acne prone skin.

It leaves their skin tone more even and doesn’t feel overly oily.

People use it to make good hair masks which leave their hair soft and shining. It is also used as an excellent carrier oil and works great in homemade hair and skin recipes.

Majestic Pure Sweet Almond Oil

Majestic Pure Sweet Almond Oil The Majestic Pure Sweet Almond Oil is a therapeutic grade super triple A grade 100% pure and natural Spanish almond oil that is packaged in the USA.

It is cold pressed, comes in a 16 ounce container and is followed by a full refund guarantee.

Consumers find that this product works well for their skin and hair while they also use it as a carrier oil to create DIY homemade soaps and body butters.

When used as a hair mask and then washed out, it leaves their hair soft and shining.

It also absorbs into their skin well, relieves itchiness and leaves their skin feeling soft, moisturized and glowing.

In conclusion, the above best pure sweet almonds oils provide some great benefits for your skin and hair, so choosing a good quality sweet almond oil will surely add one more skin and hair care staple to your selection.