Best Mattress For Baby Crib Review

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As a new parent, your excitement over your baby’s birth might be partly overshadowed by your worry about keeping your baby healthy and safe.

Making sure that your baby is safe when sleeping is vitally important to most parents and while there are a lot of sources out there to help parents find the safest and best cribs for their infants, there is far less information on finding the best mattress for that baby crib.

So, we thought it was important to provide parents with that important information and hopefully, this best mattress for baby crib review will help you take all the information you need.

What is a Crib Mattress?

A crib mattress is a specially designed and sized mattress that is made for use in a baby’s bed or crib.

In order to ensure minimum safety standards for the health and safety of children, the government has set specific guidelines on both cribs and crib mattresses.

However, there is some leeway in those guidelines so it is up to the parents to choose the right mattress for their baby’s crib dimensions and their babies safety.

Standard Crib Mattress Sizes

Many people believe that all mattresses for standard sized cribs are of a universal size. While that is basically true, standard size crib mattresses can and do vary somewhat in size.

While the size difference may seem small, even a 1/4” of inch may make a difference in your child’s safety. So, here is a look at the sizes that standard mattresses come in.

Width:  Standard mattress widths vary between 27 5/8” to 28 5/8 “

Length:  Standard mattress lengths vary between 51 ¾ “ and 53”

Depth:  There is a wide range of difference in depths of standard crib mattresses. Coil mattresses normally range between 5” and 6” while foam mattresses range between 4” to 6.”

Types of Crib Mattresses

There are basically just 2 types of crib mattresses, foam mattresses and coil mattresses. One mattress type isn’t necessarily better than the other, but you do want to make sure that you choose a high quality mattress no matter what type you choose.

In addition to the two basic types of mattresses, there are also some sub-types of mattresses including:

Portable: Portable crib mattresses are smaller than standard crib mattresses and designed for portable cribs.

Organic:  Organic crib mattresses are made from 100% organic materials and are an excellent choice for families choosing to live a greener lifestyle.

Round:  Those round infant cribs simply can’t use a standard mattress, so they need a special round mattress designed specifically for round cribs.

Latex:  Latex mattresses are super hypoallergenic so they are an excellent choice for infants who have a lot of allergies.

However, do keep in mind that some infants may be allergic to latex itself.

How to Shop for Crib Mattresses

Shopping for the best crib mattress is actually a pretty simple process. Here are some tips to help you find the right crib mattress for your new infant.

Measure the Crib: Before shopping for that crib mattress, know the exact dimensions of your crib. Since you want that mattress to fit snugly against the side of your crib, you want to know exactly how wide and long the crib is.

Check the firmness of your mattress: You want that mattress to be firm enough to support your baby comfortably. It is better to choose a mattress that is firmer as your baby can rest more comfortably than on a softer mattress.

Vinyl Cover: Most baby crib mattresses come with vinyl covers. Different mattresses have different thicknesses of vinyl, ranging from one layer to three. A triple thick vinyl cover is the most durable and easiest to keep clean.

Vents or no vents: Vents in crib mattresses keep toddlers from bursting the mattress if they decide to use their crib for a trampoline. However, these vents can also allow bacteria to grow inside the mattress.

These shopping tips should help you choose the best crib mattress for your baby and gain a peace of mind. Now, here is a look at some of the best crib mattresses available.

Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress


Safety 1st is a company that makes a variety of infant products and the safety 1st Heavenly Dreams white crib mattress is just one of this company’s many products. Features of this mattress include:

  • Mattress dimensions are 52.5” X 27.5” X 5.5”
  • Vinyl laminated with Polypropylene.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • High density thermo bonded fiber offers firm support.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Its Vinyl cover is easy to keep clean and odor free.
  • GreenGuard Gold Certification.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews for the safety 1st Heavenly dreams white crib mattress are great. Benefits parents find include:

Durable: Users say it is very durable with some of them actually using it both during their child’s infancy and into their toddler years.

Firm: While this mattress is not hard, it is firm enough to support your infant and toddler allowing them to rest comfortably.

No Funky Smell: Parents also like the fact that this mattress does not have that chemical smell which often accompanies vinyl furniture and flooring.

Safety 1st Transitions Baby/Toddler Mattress


Another popular safety 1st crib mattress is the Transitions Baby/Toddle mattress that is specially designed for both infant and toddler use and comfort. Features of this product include:

  • 2 different firmness levels, one side for babies, the other for toddlers.
  • Additional cushioning on the toddler side of the mattress.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Meets Federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633 without the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Mattress dimensions are 52” X 27.5” X 5.5”

This infant toddler mattress is not coated to prevent wetness or stains from sinking into the mattress, so users are going to want to purchase a plastic mattress cover to go over it and protect the mattress from those accidents your baby is going to have.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews and ratings for the Transitions Baby/Toddler mattress are extremely good with only few people finding that the lack of a vinyl coating on this mattress is an issue. Most people find this product to be a good value and that it has the following advantages:

Infant side nice and firm: The infant side of this mattress has the firmness that young infants need to get a comfortable and safe night’s sleep.

Toddler side softer: The extra cushioning on the toddler side of this mattress gives it just the right softness to allow their toddler a comfortable night’s sleep.

Sealy Baby Firm Rest Crib Mattress


Sealy has been making all different types and sizes of mattresses for many years. The Sealy Baby Firm Rest Crib Mattress is a name that many parents trust and has the following features:

  • Dimensions are 52” X 28” X 5.5”
  • Hospital grade waterproof cover.
  • Interwoven steel coil system with secure edge borders.
  • Hypoallergenic.

This mattress is designed to be durable enough to last through the toddler years. In addition, its cover repels both stains and odors and is easy to wipe off with a damp cloth.

What the Reviews Say

The Baby firm rest crib mattress gets quite good reviews although there are some parents that are disappointed. First, because they state that this is not a Sealy mattress, but it is actually manufactured by a different company.

In addition, users don’t find this mattress to be uniform in its firmness and say that the cover feels definitely plastic. However, the majority of people do like this product and don’t care what company makes it. Some benefits they experience are:

Firmness: Most parents find that its firmness is perfect for both their baby’s comfort and safety.

Easy to Clean: It is easy to clean off with just a damp rag, helping them to keep the baby’s bed more sanitary.

Easy to Lift: It is lightweight and easy to lift, making it possible to thoroughly clean the entire crib.

Dream On Me 3 Portable Crib Mattress


For those parents who are looking for a mattress for that portable crib, the Dream on Me 3 Portable Crib mattress may fit the bill. Let’s see some of its features.

  • Dimensions are 38” X 24” X 3”
  • Complies with 16 CFR 1633 flammability standards.
  • Non allergenic anti-bacterial waterproof cover.
  • Designed specifically for portable cribs.
  • Made in the USA.

Do keep in mind that this is a portable crib mattress and is not designed to fit a standard crib. In addition, you do need to measure to ensure it fits the portable crib you own as this mattress does not fit all portable cribs.

What the Reviews Say

Ratings and reviews for this crib mattress are quite positive. While some users find that this mattress does not appear to be as thick as advertised, other users did not have any problem with its thickness. These are some pros people have been talking about:

Firm but not Hard: Users like the fact that while this mattress felt firm for their baby’s safety and comfort, it did not feel hard.

Well Made: It is well made and extremely durable. Some users even buy this mattress for their pets.

In conclusion, choosing the best crib mattress for baby does not have to be overwhelming. With a little attention to detail, people can easily find a crib mattress that is comfortable and safe for their new arrival.