Best Kids CD Player With Microphone

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Almost from the time your child is born, they seem to have a love of music, and as they grow, singing, dancing or just listening to music can make almost any child smile.

For children who love to sing, finding the best kids CD player with microphone will help them feel like a real rock star, regardless of age. So, here is a look at some top reviewed kids CD players with microphones on today’s market.

VTech Learning Tunes Karaoke

The Vtech Learning Tunes Karaoke machine is not really a CD player, but instead a Karaoke machine designed for toddlers and extremely young children. It does allow children to sing with the songs that are on machine. Other features of this product include:

  • 3 Play modes includes letter, number and fun songs that small children enjoy.ç
  • 15 recognizable children songs.
  • Microphone children can sing into.
  • Voice changes for added fun.
  • LCD screen with facial expressions and animations.

A Closer Look

The VTech kids Karaoke requires 3 AA batteries, has a volume control and the microphone can be turned off to just listen to the music.

While small children will enjoy playing with this Karaoke machine designed specifically for them and we feel it will provide hours of fun, it really isn’t designed to for anything more than “play” as you can’t turn off the music and just sing using the microphone nor can you select any other songs than the ones already on the machine.


Reviews are quite good although parents who have purchased this little machine do wish some things would be improved. For example, they feel that the songs play too fast for their children to really follow along to and that the cord is too short forcing the child to always hole the entire player while singing.

However, parents do admit that their children love this Karaoke machine and it does provide them with:

  • The ability to change their voices.
  • Many hours of entertainment.
  • An opportunity to learn new songs.

VTech Kidi Karaoke Toy

The VTech Kidi Karaoke toy doesn’t really play CDs. All you can play are the songs that are built into the machine, making it perfect for toddlers and younger children. Let´s see some of its other features:

  • Kids can sing along with 15 different kid friendly songs.
  • 4 voice changing effects.
  • Introduces letters, words, numbers and fun songs.
  • Voice activated adventure, music and racing games.
  • Volume control removable straps.

A Closer Look

The Vtech Kidi Karaoke toy is designed to provide imaginative play and learning for your kid. While the songs your child will learn from this machine are limited to the 15 songs built into the machine, they are complete and not just little snippets so your kid will learn complete versions of the songs.

For parents who are trying to decide between the VTech Kidi Karaoke toy and the Learning tunes Karaoke, we feel that this toy is the better of the two. It offers some real children’s favorites some of which they may already know, and the microphone for this toy will work on its own even if the songs are not being played.


Reviews for this Karaoke toy are quite positive with the main complaint from parents being that the microphone doesn’t pick up the kids voices so well. However, kids tend to love this toy for the following reasons:

  • It’s extremely portable.
  • Kids can use the mic to sing their own songs as well as the songs on the machine.
  • The songs on the machine are fun for children.

Singing Machine SML-283 P CDG Karaoke Player

This Singing Machine Karaoke player is designed to be used with CD +G CDs and can provide fun for slightly older children. Features of this player include:

  • Player with disco light effect.
  • 2 digit LED display.
  • 2 Microphone jacks with volume control (comes with one microphone.)
  • Balance, echo and auto voice controls.
  • Built in speakers.
  • Comes in pink or black.

A Closer Look

This will not only play music from CDs ( if not special CDs made for karaoke machine, the words will not appear to be read.) It takes 8C batteries to operate, but has an adapter that you can connect to the CD.

It is a nice little CD karaoke player for elementary children and possibly those in middle school. Because you can play music from an Ipod or MP3 player, it will give kids more options as to the songs they play and sing along with. With two microphone jacks this is perfect for duets.


Reviews are quite good although few users had some problems with the power cord. However, most people found this Karaoke player to be:

  • Fun.
  • Useful for various ages.
  • Can be used with or without television.

The Singing Machine SML-385W Disco Light Karaoke System

The Singing Machine SML-385W Disco light karaoke system is designed for users of all ages. These are some of its features:

  • It comes in black or white.
  • Comes in the standard machine, Frozen Karaoke bundle and the Karaoke Party bundle.
  • Top loading CDG player with flashing disco lights.
  • Auto voice control, balance and echo controls, AC.
  • Built in speaker, video and audio out.
  • 2 Digit LED display.

A Closer Look

This machine allows you to hook up 2 microphones to sing duets. The bundle comes with one CD for toddlers. It has an electrical plug in and you can purchase a cable that allows you to hook into other music devices.

It is great fun for family members of all ages. The dual microphone jacks allows for two people sing a duet and the machine is nice looking especially in black.


Reviews and ratings for the Singing Machine Disco light karaoke system are above average. Users really like this machine because:

  • You can connect to the free karaoke songs on YouTube.
  • Adults love it as well as kids.
  • It is lots of fun.

In conclusion, each of these best reviewed karaoke machines or kids CD players with microphone have plenty to offer for those looking to sing along to their favorite songs.