Best Hair Removal Wax

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Many women don’t like to shave and prefer to use wax to remove hair from their legs, bikini area, armpits, eyebrows and upper lip.

Getting a professional waxing can be extremely expensive overtime, so finding the best hair removal wax to do your own salon waxing at home can save you money and time.

Cirepil Blue Wax

Cirepil Blue Wax is great for overall waxing and you don´t need a cellophane or a non woven strip to apply it. This is a low temperature wax that is disposable and comes in a 14.11 ounce tin. According to the company, it makes hair removal easier and quicker.

There seem to be a lot of licensed estheticians who love using it for themselves and their clients. The majority of users find many benefits when using it including:

  • It is easy to work with as it melts fast and goes on smoothly.
  • It leaves your skin hair free and feeling smooth.
  • It dries fast and is easy to peel off.
  • Cirepil blue seems to hurt less than other types of waxes.
  • While few users have experienced redness after waxing, it didn’t last, and most people admit that it is very gentle on sensitive skin.

GiGi Brazilian Body Hard Wax

The GiGi Brazilian Hard wax comes in a 14 ounce container and although it is specifically made for bikini waxing, it is generally suitable for all delicate and sensitive areas like under arms.

People also use it for facial hair removal because it doesn’t hurt the skin and it attaches to the hair, making hair pulling a lot easier than when using strips. The majority of users like this product and say that it has several advantages which include:

  • It causes less pain than when using soft wax.
  • It works best when used in smaller sections.
  • Saves you a good deal of money.
  • Extremely effective in removing hair.

Wax Necessities Firm Hard Wax Beads (Natural)

The ¨Wax Necessities Firm Hard Wax Beads¨ is a low temperature hard wax made of real beeswax. It does not require the use of strips and is hypoallergenic, free of dye and artificial scent. It comes in a 1000g bag which makes for a very economical solution.

It takes little time to harden and since its adhesion is strong, this wax is great for short coarse hair.

While people say it is very good for sensitive skin, the company recommends two of their other products for more sensitive types of skin, the first one is the Azulene Beads and the second one is the Plum and White Chocolate Beads for very sensitive skin.

Ratings and reviews for these natural hard wax beads are very good. Let´s shortly have a look at people’s feedback:

  • Because these are beads, it is easy to get just the right amount of wax you need.
  • This product is pretty gentle and remains pliable making it easy to peel off.
  • Heats up fast and sets quickly so it gives you less time to wait.
  • Causes no irritation or pain.
  • A lot easier to handle than when dealing with block wax.
  • This is a great saving money solution.

Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Hard Wax With Tea Tree Oil

The Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Hard Wax comes in a 14 ounce container and contains natural oils (Calendula Flower and Tea Tree extract) and titanium dioxide to help the wax go smoother and be removed with less pain.

It works best for thick coarse hair and is suitable for very sensitive areas. You do have to heat it in a wax warmer.

Reviews are above average and users like this product for various reasons which include:

  • It is easy to use and creates less mess than some other waxes.
  • It effectively removes hair.
  • Users find this wax less painful and suffer less irritation when using it.
  • Leaves behind no residue.

Nevertheless, some negative comments mentioned that people needed to use more of the product to get good results since, according to them, it was too thin.

Gigi Brazilian Bikini Wax, Microwave Hair Removal Wax

This Microwavable GiGi Brazilian wax comes in an 8 ounce container and melts in seconds. This is a gentle formula designed to remove coarse hairs in your bikini area but it will also work on other areas where the hair is coarser.

Compared to the other waxes of the same brand, this microwave version is said to be thicker, so you don’t need to use a lot of product. It also dries up fast. Other advantages people notice are:

  • It is easy to use and much easier than using waxing strips.
  • It hardens quickly.
  • Works best on shorter hairs.
  • Can also be used on your underarms, lips and brows.
  • Good on people with sensitive skin.

GiGi Brazilian Waxing Kit

For people looking to wax for the first time, the GiGi Brazilian Waxing Kit has everything you need to get started. Included in this kit are: 1 wax warmer with cover, 14 ounces of hard wax, 10 large and 10 small applicators, 1 pre epilation oil, 1 cooling gel for use after waxing and a DVD with instructions for use.

This kit is very popular among users who give it quite good ratings and reviews. So, let’s see the pros of this waxing system:

  • It will save you money over those salon waxes.
  • Easy to use.
  • Works as most people have expected.
  • Less pain when you use the oil that comes with the kit.
  • The wax warmer can be used over and over again, and different brands of wax will fit in it.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best hair removal wax, then one of these effective and good quality hard waxes can save you money and help you wax at home easily and without skin irritation.