Best Electric Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews

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When I first came across an electric essential oil diffuser online, I liked the idea and thought that this can make a great gift for those people who love essential oil natural essences and use them to relieve unhealthy symptoms in their lives and achieve a beautifully scented air in their house.

As I only knew about ceramic essential oil diffusers before since I own different ones, I liked the idea of the electric diffuser which seems to have a lot more advantages compared to the ceramic one.

For example, the water in a ceramic diffuser evaporates very quickly and I have to keep an eye on it all the time because if I leave it longer, the ceramic material changes color and with an old one I had the clay even cracked slightly.

When I first used a ceramic diffuser long time ago, I thought that you just need to add a few drops of each essential oil you want but, like that, the burning time minimizes even more because the oils evaporate in no time. Then, I thought to add some water and dilute it, so that I maximize the time that the essences are released in the air and because I could prevent the damaging of the device.

Still, the run time of a ceramic device can no way be compared to an electric device which is a lot safer, more functional and in some case prettier with a lot more features than a simple ceramic diffuser.

That’s why I thought to look for popular electric essential oil diffusers online and provide you with some options in case you are interested to offer one to yourself and family or give it as a gift. So, here I will present shortly some features of each device as well as the good and not so good points people have spotted about each device.

QUOOZ Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

QUOOZ Essential Oil DiffuserQUOOZ Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser is a very popular device which people love for different reasons.

It has a stylish design looking like a flower bud before blooming. The whole device is made of plastic.

It is long lasting with a run time of 8-10 hours which users are very pleased with since a lot of them use the device even during the night.

People remark that it releases a very good amount of vapor which can easily fill a large room.

There are 2 settings, one for continuous use until the water is so low that the device shuts off or for 20 second intervals use with 40 seconds off period.

Its lighting is soft and its brightness can be set to what you prefer or completely turned off. There is also the so called “breathing mode” which allows the light to fade gradually and brighten again.

It is easy to clean and creates a nice calming atmosphere. It is available in 5 different color lights and people think it makes a great gift.

One drawback, though, I could find few people mentioning is that it is not easy to remove its plug from the unit.

Allure Aromatics Essential Oil Diffuser, Air Purifier & Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Allure Aromatics Essential Oil DiffuserI like the simple elegant and decorative style of this pearl white diffuser which can match any decor.

Actually, Allure Aromatics Essential Oil Diffuser looks like a candle which releases a cold steam, so there is no worry for kids getting burned. It can also work as a bedside light.

The company supports that the highest quality materials are used and have integrated in the device a ceramic disc which prevents the device from malfunctioning because of oil build up.

It doesn’t get condensation and serves as both a humidifier and an essential oil diffuser. It shuts off automatically when the water level is low, it is lightweight and energy efficient.

It has 4 timer settings and 3 lighting settings. You can also use it with no light on. What I like in this product’s description is the very detailed instructions of how to make the best use of it with clearly specified do’s and don’ts.

Something you should keep in mind, though, is that the run time is between 30 to 180 minutes, so for those people who want a diffuser to run for many hours or even the whole night, this product may not be the most suitable.

Apart from that, people seem to be very pleased with its function and quality and they give A’s to the customer service. The 1 year full guarantee is also an extra bonus.

VicTsing Electric Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier

VicTsing Electric Essential Oil DiffuserWhen I first saw this diffuser, I was attracted by its simple zen like design with a wooden like exterior which gives a natural look to it.

VicTsing Electric Essential Oil Diffuser is lightweight and has LED lights whose color changes. While for some people the lights seem light and relaxing, for few others they may be a bit bothersome.

Still, there is an option to turn off the light completely if it seems annoying to you or turn it on whenever you like.

This device seems to be working great for most people who enjoy a long time of essential oil diffusing which ranges between 6 to 8 hours or a bit more. There are 2 different modes. The first one allows the device to run for 3 minutes and stop for 1 and the second one allows for indefinite diffusing until the water runs out.

From user reviews, it was obvious that people were very pleased with the period of oil diffusing, saying that they keep the device on even during their night sleep, enjoying all the expected benefits. This seems like a good idea also for people who have a cold and find it difficult to sleep since some essential oils like eucalyptus can help their breathing situation.

Other people have mentioned that this device works well for soothing allergies and keeping their nose moist in the dry environment in case there is a heater on all the time, since this electrical diffuser also works as a cool mist humidifier.

Of course, don’t expect this device to replace a proper humidifier. People love the essences which are released in the air and they are in general very pleased with its function ,durability and especially its price.

A disadvantage that I found some people mentioned is that it is a bit difficult to twist off its top. There was also one user that wasn’t pleased with its packaging saying that it couldn’t make a great gift because of the box in which it was contained. Still, the user admitted that the device can easily be placed in a better box and make a great gift.

InstaNatural Essential Oil Diffuser and Ultrasonic Humidifier-Ionizer

InstaNatural Essential Oil DiffuserHaving known InstaNatural from their quality natural skin care products, I was surprised to see that they have created an electric essential oil diffuser and humidifier.

Also, the quite modern shape InstaNatural Essential Oil Diffuser made it an even more appealing option for me to find out more about it.

This device has a run time of 4-5 hours although there were a few users who found that it worked even for 6 hours. It uses ultrasonic technology to release ions and the cooling mist seems quite adequate.

The soft blue LED light looks attractive for most people but for users who want to avoid this feature there is a turn off button. It is also easy to clean and its cord is long enough. People like that its set up is very easy and takes very little time.

Users like this product a lot as well as the customer service. One person mentioned that the diffuser makes a whirring noise which was not annoying at all. Also, the company backs their product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

BellaSentials Best Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

BellaSentials Essential Oil DiffuserThis is an elegant looking and well finished diffuser which is lightweight and has rubber feet that keep it on place.

BellaSentials Essential Oil Diffuser is available in two different colors, dark bamboo and light bamboo.

People love the relaxing spa like fresh atmosphere it creates and are satisfied with the two flow settings it has.

It has LED lights with 7 rotating soothing colors which the users can control and stop the rotation at their favorite color or switch off completely in case they don’t want any light on.

Also, the system shuts off automatically once the water runs out. From the reviews I read, there were few people saying that when the device shuts off because of the running out of the water, an awkward noise is heard.

Although the company states that the run time lasts for 12 hours, some people say it works less for them. Few users had also some difficulty in twisting off its top. Still, the fact that this product is backed by a 1 year guarantee builds more trust on this product.

In conclusion, the above electric essential oil diffusers can give you a good idea of some of the best reviewed devices, helping you to see which one suits your needs best or makes a very nice gift.