Best Beard Oil Reviews

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If you have ever grown a beard, you know that more often than not, the skin under your growth dries out, becomes itchy and may even begin to flake (a condition called beardruff or beard dandruff.)

In addition, your beard itself may feel dry and coarse, and even look a bit scraggly despite constant trimming. The simplest and easiest way to keep that beard and the skin under it from drying out is to use a good beard oil.

But just what makes up an effective beard oil and how can you find the best and most affordable beard oil? Let’s have a look at the most important features of a good beard oil as well as our best beard oil reviews.

Features of a Good Beard Oil

I have been a user of all types of beard oils for more years than I care to remember. So, if you ask me and most of my fellow bearded men about what they would want in a good beard oil, here are some of the things they would list:

  • Goes on easily and works into the beard without leaving it feeling oily or greasy.
  • Prevents under beard dryness and itch.
  • Reduces beardruff.
  • Has little or no smell, or smells manly.
  • Leaves beard soft to touch.
  • Washes out easily and cleanly with no build up.

With those features in mind, let’s take a look at my reviews of some of the best beard oils on today’s market.

Leven Rose Natural Beard Oil and Conditioner

Leven Rose Natural Beard Oil and ConditionerThe Leven Rose Beard Oil and Leave-In Conditioner is a 100% pure natural blend of jojoba and argan oil that comes in a handy brown glass bottle which protects its contents from oxidation, and with a dropper so you can control the amount of oil you put in your palm.

This product soaks into the beard and the skin underneath quickly, leaving no oily residue behind. Additionally, with the natural organic oils it contains, it conditions and nourishes both your beard and skin.

Jojoba oil is a great natural oil which has emolient, anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It is a really valuable natural oil for both your beard and skin since it prevents dryness by helping preserve hydration.

Argan oil is another natural ingredient which nourishes and hydrates both your beard and skin. It protects from dryness and the UV rays as well as prevents the appearance of signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Leven Rose Beard Oil contains no fillers, fragrances, additives, parabens or GMOs. It has not been tested on animals and is vegan friendly. In addition, it is fragrance free and stops itchiness while leaving your beard really soft and shinning.

I normally use it on a daily basis to keep my beard soft and free from any itching but if you cannot use it daily, I would suggest at least 4/5 times a week. You will also find that it soaks in very quickly and keeps your skin well moisturized.

Finally, the company offers a 100% money back guarantee- no questions asked, which makes the product worthwhile trying out.

Mountaineer Brand Natural Beard oil-WV Timber

Mountaineer Brand Natural Beard oil-WV TimberThe Mountaineer Brand Natural Beard oil is aptly named as it is really made in the mountains of West Virginia.

It contains 100% natural oils like almond and grape seed oil which are known to soften beard and soothe the skin underneath as well as essentials oils of cedar and fir needle.

It has a bit of a woodsy smell, but users don’t feel that it lasts very long. The product itself does however soften the beard and prevent beard itchiness while helping you control those renegade beard hairs. It is also good for controlling beard dandruff.

The oil is contained in a 2 oz bottle that will last for long and has a dispensing cap which is easy to use. It is recommended for a daily use and you will only need 3-4 drops for a normal size beard and for those a bit larger beards.

Users are very happy with the product’s price considering the quality and that a bottle can last you for a long time.

Grave Before Shave Beard Oil

Grave Before Shave Beard OilThe Grave Before Shave Bay Rum Beard Oil comes in an old fashioned looking bottle with a skull and cross bones on the front, but don’t let that image fool you since there is nothing poisonous about this product (at least if you use it on your beard.)

Men love the old fashioned yet manly bay rum scent and are thrilled that this oil does not only soften their beard and treat the underlying skin, preventing itching and beardruff, but also helps to calm their beard and mustache, keeping those stray hairs in place.

In addition, it absorbs quickly and leaves beard looking shiny. It comes in a 1oz dropper bottle which makes it easier to apply and without any wastage.

The application is quite simple and same as with any other beard oil. Just have a few drops on the palm of your hand and rub it gently on your beard, passing your fingers deep to reach the skin underneath.

The quantity will depend on the size of your beard but for a normal size, 3-4 drops should be sufficient.

The Woods Natural Pine and Cedarwood Beard Oil

The Woods Natural Pine and Cedarwood Beard OilFormulated by Brian, a hair specialist and a bearded man himself, the Woods Men’s Pine and Cedarwood Beard Oil is a product that is great for preventing facial dandruff with the company also claiming that it promotes hair growth.

It is made up of a blend of excellent natural oils such as grape seed oil, Scotch pine essential oil, cedarwood essential oil and vitamin E oil. Its scent is naturally refreshing and invigorating.

Users find that it is easy to apply and helps to control and soften their beard. They also like the fact that it conditions their skin, stopping beard itch, and that it leaves no residue on their shirts or other clothing.

Finally, it comes in a 1 oz bottle which is handy if you are traveling.

Natural Bay Lime Beard Oil by Botanical Skin Works

Natural Bay Lime Beard Oil by Botanical Skin Works This Bay Lime Beard Conditioning Oil from “Botanical Skin Works” is designed for use on your beard, hands, cuticles, elbows and even more.

It is made up of sesame seed oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, west Indian bay lime, rosemary and Australian sandalwood essential oils. With such a natural product and a combination of 5 essential oils, you can´t go wrong and it is sure that you will get some good results for your beard as well as your skin.

It does not contain any alcohol which can irritate sensitive skin and is a buyer friendly beard oil since it is sold in a 4 oz bottle.

Most men like this beard product although they say that it doesn’t soften really coarse beards as much as you might like. It does, however, help to manage the beard, provides some softening, reduces beard itch and leaves people’s beards looking healthier and fuller.

The company claims that it strengthens the hair from the root, stimulating growth, it gives deep nourishment, rejuvenating the hair and hair follicles, and also provides a natural healthy shine.

While a lot of the people like its scent, there are few who do not. Still, the scent is not long lasting so it won’t be a deal breaker in most cases.

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-In Conditioner

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-In ConditionerIf there is anyone who knows about beards, it is the Honest Amish. The Honest Amish Beard Balm softens to an oil that is easy to apply to the beard.

Made with such ingredients including argan and grape seed oil, virgin pumpkin seed, shea Butter, aloe and other natural and organic ingredients, this balm conditions your beard and the underlying skin, stopping that beard itch and beard dandruff while leaving your beard soft, shining and incredibly healthy.

It can also help the growth of your hair as the manufacturers use hair enhancing essential oils as part of the product’s ingredients.

Users love this natural beard conditioner, stating that it gives their beard life and makes it fuller while also calming down the rogue hairs. They also like its scent although they state that it does not last long. It comes in a 2 ounce (approx. 60 ml) tin and is made by hand in USA.

The company suggests that people with nut allergies should avoid this product or test it in a very small area before applying it.

Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit

Billy Jealousy Beard Envy KitThe Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit is being included in this best beard oil review because one of the products in the kit is a beard conditioner which is made using jojoba oil.

Apart from this conditioning product, there is also a beard shampoo and a boar bristle brush. Many people find the entire kit to be very useful and at a great price.

When it comes to the shampoo, most men really like it and state that it gets their beard clean while leaving it softer and healthier looking. The ingredients include aloe and soy protein which, as we know, gives strength and life to the hair.

For those who regularly brush their beards, the kit comes with an extra firm boar bristle brush whose firmness is enough even if you have a large beard with coarse hair.

When it comes to the styling beard control product, it contains jojoba oil. Although some of the users felt that it did not control their stray hairs so well, there were others who were very happy with its function.

Fisticuffs Grave Before Shave Beard Oil 3 Pack

Fisticuffs Grave Before Shave Beard Oil 3 PackThis Fisticuffs Grave Before Shave Beard Oil 3 Pack gets some great reviews and comes in 3 different scents: original, pine and Viking blend.

All three beard oils come in 1 oz bottles and have a pleasant and masculine scent. According to reviews, men prefer the pine scent while women love the Viking blend scent on their man´s beard.

Also, users say that the scent is subtle and stays throughout the day. Out of the three, the pine smell appears to be the strongest one but, of course, it also depends on the quantity you use.

The oils themselves tend to tame those wild hairs and leave beard shining and extremely soft. Men also like the fact that they absorb quickly and make their beard feeling fuller.

These products have more benefits than just improving the condition of your beard with users stating that they have also treated their dry flaky skin underneath.

Finally, it should be noted that the above products were not only considered as the best beard oils according to men’s reviews, but also by the women who were able to acknowledge their benefits on the men’s beards.