Best Bathrobes For Men

One of the best gifts you can give any man for Christmas, Valentine’s, birthday, Father’s Day and other special occasions is a comfortable and elegant bathrobe.

So, here is a look at several of the best bathrobes for men we could find. Some of these bathrobes are suitable for warmer climates and weather and some for those colder times of the year.

Turkishtowels Terry Bathrobe-100% combed Pure Turkish Cotton

Turkishtowels Terry BathrobeThe Turkishtowels Terry Bathrobe is the ideal bathrobe for him to use in the winter or after spending time in the hot tube, and is reminiscent of those soft and cuddly robes you find in high class spas.

It is made from 100% Turkish cotton and comes in sizes x small/small and Large/X large.

Its colors are black, espresso, navy blue, taupe, white and steel. They look rich and users report that they are close to the colors shown in the picture.

The robe features roll back cuffs and falls somewhere between the calf and the ankle depending on your height.

All you have to do is look and touch this product to discover that it is a rich feeling thick robe that makes you feel pampered.

It is super absorbent, it doesn’t shed and both the material and the manufacturing are of an extremely high quality.

Most reviews state that this robe is roomy and comfortable, and it overall seems that it is best for those who tend to be chilled, or live in colder areas.

Del Rossa Men’s 100% Cotton Flannel Bathrobe

DelRossa Men's BathrobePerfect for those men who like robes made of lighter weight material or for those looking for a spring and summer robe, the Del Rossa Men’s 100% cotton flannel robe is lightweight and cool.

It comes in a wide variety of sizes including small, medium, large, X large, Xx large, and XXX large as well as a rich variety of color combination.

It can be purchased in camouflage and the following plaid combinations: Black and blue, black and red, blue and green, blue and white, blue green and yellow, red, white and blue.

It is made of 100% cotton flannel with a tie enclosure and 2 large front pockets with a matching belt. You can also purchase matching Del Rossa pajamas to go with the robe.

While this is an extremely good quality robe, the material is quite thin. However, it is extremely soft and has an inner tie to help keep the robe closed.

Most users find this product to be extremely comfortable and great to lounge around during warmer months, however few users felt that the belt loops may be too high to tie comfortably around the waist.

Del Rossa Men´s Turkish Terry Cloth Robe

This Del Rossa Men´s Turkish terry cloth robe is perfect for cooler temperatures or people who get cold easier. It falls well below the knees and comes with a hood.

Several sizes are available including small/medium, large/Xlarge, Xlarge/XXlarge, XXX large/XXXXlarge.

It is made of 100% cotton terry with cuffed sleeves and front patch pockets. Its weight makes it perfect for lounging around in cooler homes or weather and its durability will make it a favorite for years to come.

Users review that it is extremely thick and heavy as well as very plush and comfortable. It is also absorbent making it perfect for wearing after a shower or some time spending in the hot tub.

They also state that it runs pretty true to size and has enough room to fit different body types.

One of the best things about this robe is that it is well suited even to larger sized men.

Del Rossa Men’s Cotton Robe Sweatshirt Style Hooded Bathrobe

Not all men like those comfy soft robes, but would much rather have a men´s cotton robe made of sweatshirt material.

This sweatshirt style hooded bathrobe is made from 100% cotton and has a polyester interior with two side pockets and a tie waist with a classic hood and banded cuffs.

It comes in sizes small/medium, large/Xlarge, X large/XXlarge and XXXlarge/XXXXlarge as well as three colors including dark heather gray, black and midnight blue. It can be washed on cool and dried using low heat.

Users really like this bathrobe and find that it is thick, comfortable and extremely warm and soft.

Several users have mentioned that they really like it especially on colder nights and that they appreciate the fact that it neither looks or feels like a “poofy” woman’s robe.

Del Rossa Men´s Turkish Terry Cloth Robe

This Del Rossa Men´s Turkish Terry cloth robe comes in several sizes including small/medium, large/Xlarge, Xlarge/XXlarge and XXXlarge/XXXXlarge as well as in several masculine colors including navy blue, black, white, burgundy, chestnut brown, and steel gray.

It is made of 100% cotton with a shawl collar, cuffed sleeves and patch pockets. It is also machine washable.

Users really like its quality, saying that it is made from solid material and has excellent stitching.

It is perfect for colder climates since it is warm and extremely comfortable. It fits well although it is a little large for most people.

People also like that they wash and dry it without worrying about it shrinking. Larger users find this robe to be ideal for their larger frames.

Noble Mount Men’s Cotton Robe

Noble Mount Men´s RobeThis is another robe made for warmer weather, but looks extremely elegant especially the striped versions.

The Noble Mount Men´s cotton robe comes in somewhat limited sizes of small/medium, large, and extra large.

Different colors with contrasting piping are available and include: Dark blue plaid, gray stripes, gray tone stripes (which is actually a kind of blue gray), light blue stripes (with darker blue stripes included).

The product itself is 100% cotton, shawl collar, full length sleeves, and 2 large patch pockets.
Although made of lightweight material which won’t overheat you in warm weather, this robe is extremely absorbent.

Users think it is incredibly comfortable although some feel that it runs a little large and others a little small.

Several also stated that they were surprised by its quality and really liked the fact that it does not have a great deal of bulk, which makes it possible to wear during the summer months as well. It is also a great robe to wear at poolside.

Arus Men´s Turkish Cotton Hood ‘N Ankle Robe

Arus Men's BathrobeDesigned for those who live in cooler climates or for use with that hot tub, Arus Men´s Hooded Robe is made of 100% Turkish cotton and is a unisex robe designed for both men and women.

It is machine washable, can be tumbled dried and never needs ironing. It comes in a variety of sizes including small/Petite, Small/Medium, Large, X Large, and XX large.

It is ankle length and has turn back cuffs to ensure that the sleeve length works for those individuals with longer arms. The hood is large, roomy and nicely rounded so that you won’t look like a cone head.

It has patch pockets, a matching belt as well as two sets of belt loops to better fit your waist. It comes in a variety of colors such as burgundy, chestnut brown, hunter green, navy blue, white and black.

The robe is thick and absorbent, extremely soft, roomy and launders very well. Men find this a great robe for cold nights or use with a hot tub. It also provides plenty of room for lounging around.

Del Rossa Men´s Fleece Long Bathrobe

This Del Rossa Men´s fleece long bathrobe comes in two sizes small/medium and Xlarge/XXlarge as well as in a number of different colors including navy blue, steel gray, black, blue and white plaid, dark blue and white plaid.

It has a shawl collar, double belt loops and patch pockets. It is ankle length or comes to just above the ankle and is machine washable.

User reviews are very positive with people finding the sizing to be quite generous providing a great deal of comfort. This robe is thick and soft and most men say that it is extremely warm. Some even compare it to a warm blanket with sleeves.

Users also notice that it is extremely durable stating they have owned it for years before needing to replace it. Several of them mentioned that putting on this robe makes them feel pampered.

Men´s Terry Cloth Bathrobe by TexereSilk

The TexereSilk Men´s Terry Cloth Bathrobe comes in two sizes small/medium and large/Xlarge as well as in several colors including silver, natural white, medieval blue, black and burgundy.

It is made of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton. This robe is made from knit terry fabric with ¾ sleeves, a shawl collar, 2 patch pockets and a belt with double loops. It has contrasting piping and is machine washable.

Users´ feedback is very good. They find it to be sized correctly and highly absorbent.

The construction of the garment is high quality, and although soft and lightweight, the robe is warm and has a nice plush feel to it.

Finally, it works especially well when getting out of a shower or hot tub and is warm enough for winter wear.

Del Rossa Men´s Water Absorbent 15 Ounce Fleece Bathrobe

Del Rossa Men's Fleece BathrobeCuddly soft this Del Rossa Men´s Water absorbent fleece bathrobe is the perfect robe for cold weather wear.

It comes in a wide variety of sizes such as small/ medium, Large/X Large, X Large/ XX Large and XXX Large/XXXX Large, so there should be a size to fit everyone.

Colors include black with steel trim, burgundy with black trim, blue with black trim, steel with black trim and black with light blue trim.

Although this robe for him is thick, it is not at all weighty. It is however, soft and comfortable with most users finding it a good fit.

It does appear to be somewhat longer than what the pictures show, with some people stating that it comes down to just above the ankle.

Users also state that it runs a little big which may be due to the fact that the robe is size combinations, so the small/medium may be more suited to a medium size person than someone who is actually small.

While overall men like this robe, they do feel it is not as absorbent as they would like it to be and it seems to attract fuzz and animal hair.

Del Rossa Men´s Cotton Robe

This Del Rossa Men´s cotton robe comes in a variety of sizes including small, medium, large, Xlarge, XXlarge and XXXlarge as well as in a number of masculine colors and patterns.

Made of 100% contrast piping with patch picket, this robe falls to just above the ankle and is machine washable.

Users who are looking for a good summer or lightweight robe, find this cotton robe to be just what they are looking for.

It is nice and long and has a nice weight without being overly heavy. Users state that it is well made, soft and comfortable to wear.

It fits exceptionally well and it neither fades nor shrinks when washed or dried. It holds up well and doesn’t wrinkle easily although some users did mention that ironing the robe keeps it looking at its best.

Egyptian Cotton Terry Cloth Robe by ExceptionalSheets

Egyptian Cotton Terry Cloth RobeThe unique thing about this Egyptian Cotton Terry Cloth Robe is that it is sold through a veteran run business. This robe is semi long falling between the knee and the calf on most people.

It comes in standard sizes of small, medium, large and X large and in a variety of colors including black, burgundy, white, Ivory, Navy blue, sage and taupe.

It is machine washable, tumble dry and is made of 100% Egyptian cotton. It also has two patch pockets and a tie belt.

Made for colder climates or those who get chilled easily, this robe is thick, soft, and extremely durable.

The colors hold true even after multiple washings. It is made of high quality material and the workmanship shows attention to detail.

Most users say that this product feels nice and warm although it is quite heavy and maybe a bit too heavy for few users.

Due to its ability to absorb water, this is the perfect robe to put on after being in the hot tub as it will keep you warm and dry until you return to the house. It is also great to wear when curling up for a night of television.

Different weather conditions, climates and individual tastes will determine what robe each man will find suitable to meet his needs. However, among these best choices of bathrobes for him there is sure to be one that the man you are buying for will love.