BeautyRx Advanced 10 Percent Exfoliating Pads Review

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BeautyRx By Dr. Schultz Advanced 10 Percent Exfoliating Pads Effective and non-irritating exfoliation is something I have always considered as the best treat for the skin and especially prone to blemishes or aging skin, but after having the chance to try out BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz Advanced 10 Percent Exfoliating Pads, I think that it is not just a treat but an absolute necessity.

These skincare pads fall in the category of home glycolic acid treatment exfoliants and combine a multi-acid exfoliating complex, which is made of 10% buffered and pH adjusted Glycolic Acid as well as Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid and Phytic Acid that protect against redness and peeling, and some natural soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging ingredients including Willowherb and Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract.

In this review, I will give my take as well as the experience I had with this glycolic acid product and will provide you with some useful information about its features, benefits, way to use it and more.

What is BeautyRx Advanced 10% Glycolic Acid Pads All About?

BeautyRx is a skincare brand whose products reflect a 33 year experience of Dr Schultz, a board-certified dermatologist who has earned a reputation of being ¨The Father of Glycolic¨ having performed thousands of in-office glycolic peels and having been awarded multiple other titles which attest his expertise and efficacy of creating top quality skin care products with a focus on exfoliating products.

When it comes to these 10% Glycolic Acid pads, you should keep in mind that this is not a glycolic acid starter strength product, so if you have never tried glycolic acid products before, it is best recommended that you start with a lower strength glycolic acid exfoliant to let your skin gradually adjust to the maximum strength of glycolic exfoliation.

My Take during the First Day of Use

Water dropNow, let me first give you a short description of my type of skin and my background when it comes to glycolic acid use so you can get a clearer picture of my experience with the BeautyRx pads.

My skin can be described as prone to blemishes and also a bit reactive when it comes to certain chemical skincare ingredients. It loves exfoliation but up to now I have not tried higher than 4% glycolic acid strength products for a continuous period of time.

You can imagine that going up to a 10% level of glycolic acid product was in the first place a bit worrisome to me, but after giving it a shot, I was really glad I tried it out. Let me give you some more details about how it felt as well as the visible results it had on my skin.

The first time I swept the BeautyRx pad across my face, it almost immediately felt a bit tingly but looking at my face, I absolutely noticed no signs of redness or any other negative reaction, so I kept using it but checking my skin all the time. After some seconds and since the tingly feeling was not subsiding, I sprayed some Spring Thermal water on my face, so that made the tingly feeling go.

After that, I did not need to rinse my face. The company recommends rinsing the face after 15 minutes for the first two weeks of use, but for me there was no need after using the spring thermal water.

Now here comes the good part. After few minutes or so, I started feeling some positive effects such as the skin feeling tighter and more firm, elastic as well as really refreshed and even rejuvenated. Looking at it, it was visibly a lot brighter and touching it, it felt very smooth and soft.

As the time was passing (half an hour later) few bumps I had on my forehead seemed to be getting reduced and my complexion definitely looked more clear, bright and healthy overall with softened looking fine lines.

I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that my skin did neither feel dry or irritated by the higher strength of glycolic acid but felt really fresh. Since it was the first time of using this level of glycolic, I did not probably leave the product long enough on the face but nevertheless, I experienced some great results and I think that with continued use, some bumps and few whiteheads that I have will eventually vanish.

After I enjoyed for some time the effects of the product, I then applied a hyaluronic acid serum which absorbed superb, soothed my skin and boosted its moisture as well as a light moisturizer. Needless to say, I was feeling like I just had received a facial and it was feeling really good!

All this positive sensation lasted really long and by the end of the day and after going out of the house with absolute no foundation on my skin and coming back, my complexion still felt clear and with no oiliness.

The next morning, after cleansing my face with a free of SLS light foaming cleanser, my skin did not feel dry at all and still looked rejuvenated as well as bright, and felt clean with no sign of irritation.

During the next days, the skin did still look clear and I dare to say younger as well. I also got used to the glycolic acid more and therefore the feeling of tingling was less when I used the product for the second, third and fourth time.

What I like about BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz Exfoliating Pads

Apart from its effectiveness, this is a very easy to use exfoliating product since it comes in the form of pads. Thus, you spend less time and effort exfoliating compared to common exfoliators which need time to be applied, time to massage properly and time to rinse off.

This form of product works great if you have a very busy schedule and you can´t seem to find time for a very important part of your skincare routine which is exfoliation. It is also very handy when you are feeling lazy to exfoliate.

You can easily carry the jar when you are travelling and since during holidays, exfoliation may not be the first thing we have in mind, the practicality of this product can keep our skin clear with minimum effort.

In addition, this exfoliant is free of harmful chemicals and is paraben as well as fragrance free. It is dermatologist tested and claims to have additional benefits such as minimizing the skin pores, softening fine lines, combating and preventing acne breakouts, removing brown discoloration, controlling excess oil production and helping your serums and moisturizers be even more effective.

Finally, it comes in a good amount of pads that last you long.

Something additional that I would like to see from this product

From what I have seen, most of the exfoliating pads that different skincare companies create come in jars similar to the product I am reviewing here.

On one hand, I understand that keeping the pads all together keeps them wet enough and therefore effective. On the other hand, I would like to see a version of this product being available in independent bags for those times that you cannot carry the whole jar with you and you just need to keep one or two bags always with you.

Nevertheless, offering the pads all on one jar is a much more environmentally friendly option. You just need to close the jar well after each use.

Great Tip for Use

After using the pad both on my face as well as neck, and before throwing it away, I rub the front of my hands with it. It makes them softer and also benefits them in terms of aging. I also want to see whether it will make some difference on a couple of aging spots that I have there.

Precaution Tips

Since this is not a starter-strength product, the company recommends using it on alternate nights and avoiding it if you have a sensitive skin.

You should also avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. In addition, apply a sunscreen or limit sun exposure while you are using the product and for a week after.


BeautyRx By Dr. Schultz Advanced 10 Percent Exfoliating Pads

For me, using BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz Advanced 10 Percent Exfoliating Pads feels like getting a facial at home with all those good effects as well as free of irritation. That is why, although some users have mentioned in their reviews that the price of this product is somewhat high, I find that it is totally justified.

In my opinion, an effective exfoliant can provide you with better anti-aging as well as skin healthy results than even a top quality anti-aging moisturizer. Therefore, I think that investing on some good quality and effective exfoliation can really make a difference on the way your skin looks and feels.