Are Probiotics Good For Skin And Hair Health?

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The other day I read a very interesting article on a newspaper ( about some findings and researches taking place for some years now relating to the vital role probiotics can have in a number of health problems and even life threatening diseases.

The findings were extremely interesting and important with the writer of the article supporting that more researches and tests are going to take place till the scientists are ready to publish their findings.

So, my first thought was to find out what probiotics are. The only thing I knew about them is that they are bacteria which are sometimes contained in yoghurts and they are appropriate for people with digestive problems.

Wanting to learn more, I visited and read that probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for health and especially the digestive system. Probiotics keep our gut healthy.

From what I have read in my newspaper as well, having a healthy gut flora is extremely essential for our health since it works like a regulator of our whole health body system.

Something more I read on “webmd” is that when we lose good bacteria, for example after having taken antibiotcs, probiotics help us replace those good bacteria. So, this was one if not the only reason why I have always been advised to eat yoghurt whenever I was on a treatment with antibiotics and I didn’t know why.

Another benefit of probiotics is that they can minimize the bad bacteria that cause infections and other problems. From what I know, an infection can cause inflammation.

Skin inflammation is considered to be a situation that is harming even our skin from the inside, so we understand that probiotics can be very beneficial for the skin as well as our whole body’s health.

In the same article of “webmd”, it is also mentioned that research has shown positive effects of probiotics in skin conditions like eczema.

Various probiotic dairy products, fermented milk, which my father has always loved and now I will also start adding it regularly to my diet, and even some probiotic capsules that you can find on the market are suggested as a way to take advantage of the big benefits probiotics can have for our general health including skin health according to scientific researches which are still taking place.

The name of the probiotic bacteria I read in the newspaper but I also saw it being mentioned on the page of webmd is called “Lactobacillus Reuteri”

Apart from dairy fermented products, it was mentioned that other fermented products can provide us with some good bacteria and be equally beneficial, so my mind went to beer. Isn’t beer a result of fermentation?

Still, I don’t know whether beer and which types of beer contain the specific beneficial bacteria on which researches are being done.

For me, as I told you, a good health and skin health solution from now on will be fermented milk and other probiotic dairy products.