Are Omega 3 Fatty Acids Good For The Skin?

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Nowadays everybody is talking about the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids and the need to get an adequate intake of them but unfortunately my cooking habits have never allowed me to consume oily fish regularly which is the most popular source of omega 3s.

So, I have always been very keen on finding an alternative way of receiving those omega 3 acids until a friend of mine who owns an organic food shop, selling different supplements and skincare products advised me that I could get those omega 3s by consuming flaxseed oil.

Well, apart from what she had suggested, I needed to do my own research, so here I am reading about the health benefits of omega 3s and specifically their effect to the skin.

After reading a number of reliable resources, I learned a few things which I didn’t know, like that omega 3 fatty acids are of 3 different types, the so called ALA which are found in plant oils like flaxseed oil as well as EPA and DHA which exist in marine oils.

Although this woman from the shop suggested that receiving mega 3s from plant oils is better (she didn’t mention why) from what I have read, I understood that stronger omega 3 fatty acids are only the ones that are found in marine oils.

Also, another interesting point to discover was that the omega 3s we take from plant oils can be converted to EPA and DHA only up to a percentage that differs between men and women.

To tell you the truth, I was a bit disappointed because I had thought that by consuming flaxseed oil, the problem of omega 3 fatty acids had been sorted out for me even though its taste was almost unbearable tasting like fish, changing into a walnut flavor afterwards (yuck!)

Anyway, by reading different researches, I saw that they all concluded that omega 3 fatty acids seem to have a lot of health benefits like protecting the brain, lowering inflammation and oxidative stress which can accelerate aging.

So, if you are wondering whether omega 3 fatty acids are good for the skin, my conclusion is that yes, omega 3s can slow down aging and protect from aging related negative effects as long as you take an adequate amount of them.

Apart from that, you should also have in mind that oily fish can be contaminated by heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic and others which can be harmful for your health.

After reading all the above, I am still in a dilemma of what is the best and more convenient way for me to take omega 3s. So, until I find the answer I will keep on taking my flaxseed oil and trying to add a bit more of oily fish to my diet, although I am not really sure of which fish to choose because of the contaminants that I have previously mentioned.

Any suggestions from somebody that has an experience on the subject would be highly appreciated 🙂