Are Face Toners Really Necessary?

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One of the skin care products which I have long excluded from my daily skin care routine but I would nowadays allow myself to reconsider are facial toners.

The truth is that people are confused as to whether facial toners are necessary skin care products and there are various beauty insiders which are against and others that are in favor of them depending of course on the specific products because as we will see not all toners can be good for your skin.

Talking about my personal experience back to almost 15 years ago, when my antennas had just started catching signals coming from the experts as to what kind of products or even steps our skin care should contain, the words “toning” and “toner” showed up.

At those times, toners looked more like lotions containing alcohol and perfume, which their role I couldn’t fully understand at that time.

Well.. to tell you the truth, me and toners never made friends with at those times  because first I was most of the times forgetting or being lazy to use, secondly because they never seemed to make any difference to my skin and thirdly because I thought of them as an expense which I found myself unwilling to make.

When I started realizing a bit more about skin care benefits, I rejected the quality of those toners that were popular on the market those days and I felt that I would prefer something that could replace the hydration effect of a toner and without all those redundant alcohol based fillers.

Then, I just started using my thermal water spray which would hydrate my skin, freshen it up and balance any feeling of oiliness. I also didn’t use any toner because of the feeling of stinginess I used to experience with those lower probably quality toners of the past since my skin is sensitive to those.

But let’s see other people’s opinion about toners.

There are users including beauty insiders who think toners are not necessary at all and other users especially with oily skin who think that toners are indispensable for them since they make their skin feel more clean and refreshed.

I would agree on that since nowadays there are a lot of more advanced options for toners with quality products hitting the market and it’s really up to the user’s detecting instinct to determine which one is good enough and which is not.

For a variety of high quality natural and organic face toners, you can read our review together with further information about face toners.

The main purpose of toning is to normalize the skin’s pH after cleansing, still a lot of cleansers today are gentle enough not to disturb the pH, thus making the use of a toner not necessary.

Especially when the toner consists of irritating agents such as alcohols, fragrances and other redundant and harmful skin care ingredients, then the use of a toner is far from being acknowledged as beneficial or necessary part of a worthwhile skin care routine.

Still, after all this time of not using toners, the only time I felt tempted to use them was in the case of natural and organic rose water toners, vitamin C toners and Pai Organics Toner, a brand which I trust in making quality organic products for sensitive skin as wel For more information on them, you can read our article on Pai skincare products.

Both of their toners are rich in amino acids, trace minerals and vitamins to soothe and hydrate an irritated or imbalanced complexion. They are pH balanced, 100% alcohol free and suitable for all types of sensitive skin including rosacea prone. These toners also promise to improve skin tone and texture.

Rose water toners as well as vitamin C toners are very much appreciated by users for a number of skin uses and benefits. Updating my post here after having tried Primavera Rose Water Toner, I can say that I am very satisfied with the benefits this Damascus Rose Water Toner provides my skin with.

Firstly, it instantly soothes it, giving you a feeling of silky softness a few minutes later. Second, it seems that it keeps my complexion more balanced and its oils more controlled, making my skin feel more comfortable even during Summer months. It also helps with small blemishes and overall it makes my skin feel very nicely hydrated.

The Damascus rose petals aroma is very light and feels refreshing while I have also been using the toner to relieve two quite serious insect bites I have had the last one week.

In conclusion, I think that it is really up to you to see whether toners are really necessary for your skin and if they make an expense that you find worthwhile making but I personally believe that quality toners like the ones I recommend above can make a really helpful and practical addition to your skin care since they have various uses and benefits for your face and body.

In my case, apart from the above benefits I have experienced with my rose water toner, I also use it as a make up remover when I have very little make up on which is most often the case.

If you buy a face toner, it does not mean that you have to use it every day or every time you cleanse your face. You can use it when you feel like and depending on your skin’s needs.

Personally, because I like to have a variety in my skin care, I do not use my rose water toner every day and to normalize my skin’s pH after cleansing with tap water, I spray some thermal spring water.

Having a face mist toner in your bag especially during the Summer months can also be very useful in removing any signs of oiliness or sweat and giving you a refreshing feeling.