8 Most Common Sunscreen Mistakes

Sunscreen mistakesIf you think that your skin is protected from the sun only because you apply some sunscreen on it, then you might want to read the following most common sunscreen mistakes people make and see whether you recognize any of your own habits.

Using Last Year’s Sunscreen

Every year, you probably look for an effective sunscreen and because you know how important it is for your skin’s health, you often invest some extra money to buy a good quality product.

But what happens if there is some or even a lot of that sunscreen left in the bottle when the Summer finishes? Do you throw it away? The majority of people might answer “no” to this question, saying that they keep the rest for the following Summer.

The news is that this is not the best thing to do so since our sunscreens are continuously being exposed to high temperatures which makes them, most possibly, ineffective and useless.

Still, if you have bought a sun block which you have never opened and stored it in a cool place, you can keep it for the next Summer as long as you check its expiry date.

Picking Up the Wrong Sunscreen for Your Skin Type

What are the first things to look at when you buy a sun block? You might probably say the SPF or how popular and well known a product is. Still, it is good to know that an important factor you need to take into consideration especially when you are looking for the right sun block for your face is the type of skin for which the product is mostly suitable for.

For example, if you have an oily, combination and prone to blemishes skin, you will need a different product than what you will need if you have a dry skin. If you have a sensitive skin or you want to buy a mineral sunscreen that is organic and non toxic, then you need to do a little more research than usual to find that truly beneficial and safe product for your skin.

Not Applying Sun Block Before Exposing your Skin to the Sun

I myself used to have this habit until I realized that doing so prevented me from thoroughly applying it on all areas of my body. For example, it is true that if you are not accompanied by someone to help you with applying the sunblock on your back or if you don’t want to look like a rubber girl in front of everyone who happens to be sitting close to you, you might not be able to do a good job applying it the right way when you are lying stylishly on the beach, and that will leave your skin unprotected on some areas.

So, it is not sufficient to use sunscreen only for those areas which are easier to reach and the best thing to do is to apply it everywhere on your exposed skin, even on the top of your feet, an area which we often neglect. The best time to do so is at least half an hour before you expose your skin to the sun.

Not Full Body Coverage

Have you ever applied sunscreen on the soles of your feet, toes, in between toes, armpits, ears, eyebrows or inside arm areas? If the answer is no, then you are getting an idea of another common sunscreen mistake people make.

Therefore, keep in mind that you need to use your sun block on all of these skin areas.

Not Using Enough Sunscreen

When it has to do with how much sun block we should apply, the answer is..quite enough! Therefore, don’t be frugal with the quantity and don’t forget to renew it every once in a while since due to sweating and getting in and out of the sea or swimming pool, its efficacy minimizes. Remember that the golden rule here is not “less is more” but surely the opposite.

Does Water Resistant Sunscreen Need to be Renewed?

Some of you might think that buying a water resistant sunscreen will save you from some sunscreen application repetitions but the truth is that each time you go out of the water , you have to renew your sunscreen.

Also, when you do an intense physical activity which results in sweating, it is advisable to replenish your sun block every two hours. If you don’t do any of the above, you can reapply sunscreen, ideally, every 4 hours.

Is Sitting Under Shadow Enough?

If you think that by sitting under the shadow, you can avoid putting on sunscreen, then you are wrong. The truth is that sitting under the shadow can prevent you from getting a sunburn but it is no way going to protect you from the ultraviolet sun rays, and the same thing goes when you travel by car.

Not Applying Sunscreen at the Right Time

This is a common sunscreen mistake that people make. Even parents apply sunscreen on their children’s skin when they are already on the beach wearing their swimming suit.

The sun block needs to be applied half an hour before the skin is exposed to the sun, so that it absorbs well and is ready to work as intended. So, if you haven’t applied sunscreen soon enough, your skin will become more vulnerable to the sun’s damaging effects.

Also, as I have mentioned above, by applying sunscreen while you are at home, you can control better all the areas of your body you need to protect, doing it more comfortably and quickly than that longer process you have to follow when you are actually sitting or lying on the beach.

In conclusion, these are the most common sunscreen mistakes people should avoid making in order to maximize their skin’s protection from the harmful sun rays and prevent skin damage.