6 Detoxifying Skin Tips That Your Body May Desperately Need

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Detoxifying your body from the inside as well as outside is something that everybody needs over certain periods of time that seem to be more “toxic” like endless gatherings for celebrating different occasions which most of the time include lots of eating and probably drinking as well.

During those times, a lot of us may experience different changes on our skin’s appearance like dullness, rough skin or zits popping up here and there.

One day dryness and the other oiliness can also be the result of accumulated toxins in our body which gives us the sign that something has to be done so that those toxins are thrown out of our system.

Usually, people tend to be paying more attention to how the skin of their face looks rather than their body apart from the times that serious body skin conditions show up.

Still, our body skin can be the same sensitive as our face skin and that means that body care is also a very important part of our daily skin care routine.

So, here I will give you some simple and easy detoxifying skin care tips for your body that will make your skin feel revitalized and more healthy.

Have a Sauna

As long as your physician allows it, sauna can be very beneficial for the skin. Through heavy sweating, skin pores open and toxins as well as impurities are removed.

This promotes better blood circulation which feeds the skin with more oxygen and nutrients. That way our skin feels healthier and more vibrant. While having a sauna, we can softly brush, massage or tap our skin.

Also, by cleansing pores, the skin can better and more easily absorb any products we may be applying to it like vitamin C serums or hyaluronic acid serums and that can lead to more positive anti aging and in general skin health results. A great natural detoxification skincare mask is a Rhassoul Clay Mask.

So, what I would say is that saunas can help your body and skin benefit from detoxification but for me you shouldn’t overdo it. Let me explain!

Taken into consideration that hot water is good for opening pores but not so good for preserving elasticity in the skin, I am not really sure that often saunas will have only positive effects on your skin.

Still, if you have a sensitive skin or you want to be completely sure about the effects of saunas to your skin, you had better consult your dermatologist or a skin expert.

Also, don’t forget to drink enough water before and after having a sauna as well as get a cool shower in the end.

Get a Hot Bath with Detoxifying Essential Oils and Herbs

Having a home detoxifying bath can be the closest equivalent to a spa treatment bath one can get, especially when something more professional is simply not an option.

Still, a home bath has its own advantages such as a cozy sofa or a warm bed as soon as you finish with your bath.

To prepare that bath, all you have to do is fill up the tub with very warm water and add some bath salts, 1 cup of baking soda, a few drops of detoxifying essential oils and some leaves of detoxifying herbs.

Some great essential oils for this purpose are patchouli oil, lemon oil, juniper oil, mandarin oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil as well as grapefruit oil.

If you don’t have any of those at home and you go to a health shop to buy, check out their scent first because it is good that you feel comfortable and even attracted by the scents you want to use.

That way, the bath won’t only detoxify your body but will also relax and boost you mentally. After you have dropped all the ingredients in the water, wait for a few minutes till they dissolve and enter in the hot water. Relax and stay there until you feel your face sweating.

In the meantime, if the water starts getting cold, add some hot water. In the end, rinse your body off with some warm water and get carefully out of the bath.

The hot temperature opens pores so that our skin more easily absorbs all the metals and nutrients that are contained in those ingredients we have added in the water.

Try Olive Oil for Body Detoxification

Adding pure olive oil in the bath is a tip I have been told some time ago by a friend, which a health expert had advised her to follow for detoxifying her body, and it’s really easy and effective.

The actual recipe is quite simple. You just have to add some good quality pure olive oil in the warm water of the tub and stay in for quite some time.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you the exact amount of olive oil you have to add but I suppose in that, one can use their logic.

How About a Salt Therapy?

Excessive salt in our diet is harmful but when using it on the body it can actually be very beneficial since it can detoxify our organism.

Selenium, for example, is a powerful antioxidant such as vitamin E, so it delays skin aging. Bromium contained in salt can soften skin while copper helps in the cells metabolism.

So, what you have to do is fill up the bath with hot water and throw 2-3 handfuls of mineral salt. After the salt dissolves, get into the bath and relax for 30 to 40 minutes. Then, rinse off with warm water and pat dry.

Have a Special Detoxification Massage

A special detoxifying massage especially on those parts of our body where cellulitis or swellings appear is good for the lymph to circulate and for the cells to get oxygen.

Like this, toxins, which accumulate in our body and oftentimes cause those swellings or even cellulitis, can be removed.

Just don’t forget to drink 2 glasses of lemon with mint before but also after the massage that can help the toxins get discarded through kidneys.

Apply a Pineapple Body Scrub to Get Rid of Dead Cells

Using the following natural ingredients to make a home body scrub can both remove dead cells and nourish your skin. So, what you will need is:


1 teacup of black sugar.

1/4 teacup of coconut oil

1/2 teaspoon of vitamin E

3 slices of fresh mashed pineapple

How to Make It

We mix all the ingredients together and we put the mixture in a jar. After showering and while your skin is still a bit damp, apply the mixture on the body and massage using a body brush or just your fingers starting from the feet and moving upwards.

This will help your skin get clean while also blood circulation is boosted. Finally, rinse off with some warm water. For more options on homemade scrubs you can read our various homemade body and face scrubs.

In conclusion, trying out some body detoxifying tips at home that are good for your skin can make you feel more healthy, revitalized, relaxed and why not even mentally boosted.