5 Antioxidants to Prevent Premature Aging

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How to prevent skin premature agingAntioxidants and wearing a sunscreen is what your skin really needs at a young age to prevent premature aging.

Aging is a condition that we are all going to face sooner or later but premature aging is something we can avoid if we take some extra care of our skin.

Now, if you are wondering what the reasons of premature aging skin can be, remember one word that I keep on mentioning in my posts from time to time and that is Free Radicals.

Free radicals is the main reason that the skin ages prematurely. When free radicals, atoms in our body, become too many, we have the so called oxidative stress which can cause different health problems and trigger aging signs.

Oxidative stress can be caused by a bad diet, environmental pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and a lot of other factors.

What keeps free radicals under control is antioxidants, natural substances that are found in our body but not in sufficient amounts, so we need to take them by consuming fruits and vegetables.

We can prevent premature aging skin by both benefiting from antioxidants through a healthy diet and by topically applying products that contain antioxidants.

So, let´s have a look at 5 of those highly effective antioxidants that your creams, moisturizers or serums need to contain in order for you to prevent prematurely aged skin signs. You will surely know some if not all of them.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E, which cannot be synthesized by our body, has multiple beneficial properties including anti inflammatory and emollient ones. Vitamin E is also called Tocopherol, if you are wondering about whether you have seen it with a different name.

You can protect your skin from aging by applying a good quality vitamin E serum that contains an adequate amount of vitamin E but keep in mind that it is always better to combine vitamin E with vitamin C for better results.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 or else Ubikinoni is a fat soluble antioxidant that is synthesized by the body and has been proven to protect the skin from the ultra violet radiation which is harmful for the skin´s collagen.

As the time passes, the production of CoQ10 in the body reduces and this affects the ability of the cells to create collagen and elastin.

By applying skincare products that contain coenzyme Q10, you considerably minimize the free radicals’ damage as well as reinforce your skin’s repairing mechanisms.

Vitamin C

Probably The most popular vitamin in skincare, Vitamin C also appears with the name Ascorbic Acid or L-Ascorbic Acid. This is a water soluble vitamin that when it comes into contact with water or gets exposed to either oxygen or light, it loses its valuable antioxidant properties.

As mentioned previously, if Vitamin C is combined with vitamin E, then we have a powerful antioxidant mixture that protects the skin from the Sun damage and deactivates the free radicals long before they can cause any big damage to the skin.

It is worthwhile keeping in mind that even in small amounts, Vitamin C still remains one of the strongest antioxidant ingredients in skincare products.

So, if you would like to find out more about products containing Vitamin C, you can have a look at our Vitamin C Serum Reviews as well as Vitamin C Toner Reviews.

If you want to make a vitamin C serum on your own, you will need a vitamin C powder and some instructions on how to make a vitamin C serum.


You might have heard doctors recommending a daily consumption of a glass of wine but have you ever wondered why?

Resveratrol is a particular strong antioxidant which can be found in the skin of red grapes, beans and berries.

It has a double action, not only it eliminates the already existing free radicals, but at the same time it prevents the formation of new ones.

What is even more special about Resveratrol is that it functions 24 hours a day, reinforcing the skin’s defensive mechanisms.

If you are interested in finding good skincare products containing Resveratrol, you can read our Resveratrol Day Cream Review.


Beta-Carotene, a carotenoid, is another beneficial antioxidant for your skin. According to Wikipedia, beta-Carotene is an orange/red pigment found in vegetables as well as fruits and especially carrots, squash, sweet red peppers and others. B-Carotene also converts into vitamin A in the body.

One skin care serum which I highly recommend and has a high concentration of carotenoids, is Pai Rosehip Oil and you can see that it is full of carotenoids due to its particularly vibrant orange colour.

In conclusion, all of the above antioxidants are great at preventing premature aging and in general protecting your skin from all sorts of deteriorating factors. So, in order for you to enjoy their benefits, you can look for serums and moisturizers that clearly contain a good percentage of these antioxidants.