4 Things About Face Serums You Might Not know!

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Face serums

Whether you want to fight premature skin aging, smooth wrinkles and fine lines, deal with hyperpigmentation, sun spots, dry skin, acne and other type of blemishes or just give your face a healthy nice glow and an even tone, there is a wide variety of effective face serums that will help you achieve what your skin really needs.

When you are new to using serums, you might probably feel a bit overwhelmed with all these products and find it difficult to choose the right serum for you.

Especially if you are buying from a store, there is probably no way that you will be able to know exactly why those products the salespeople recommend are good for your skin because most of the salespeople promote the products they need to sell without really analyzing their ingredients and whether they can be effective enough and suitable for the skin concern you want to deal with.

So, for me the best thing one has to do if they want to find a face serum that is good enough for their skin is to be informed about the specific ingredients the product they want to buy should have in order to be effective enough as well as the amount of active ingredients that it contains.

One of the advantages of buying online is that you can search about the ingredients of each product at your own pace and learn more about them, which makes you a better, more informed and ultimately successful buyer.

So, let’s see now 4 things about face serums that you might not have known and can make you say yes to using serums.

Serums vs Creams

Apart from the active ingredients skin creams may contain, they also contain lots of non active ingredients which give them their rich creamy texture and that is emulsifiers, emollients and others. In some day creams, there are also sunscreen filters.

Serums do not contain all these thickeners and lubricating ingredients that offer no real benefit to your skin but, on the contrary, they contain a high percentage of active components that can really boost your skin’s health and beauty.

Because of their texture, concentrated nature and ability to absorb quickly into your skin, you only need a few drops of serum each time so they normally last you long.

So, the main benefit serums provide your skin with is concentrated active ingredients that makes them more effective than creams especially when targeting specific skin problems.

Just Remember!

Serums cannot replace creams or moisturizers but can only be used in combination with them and reinforce their action because most of the times and due to their composition, serums cannot cover the skin’s full needs for moisturization.

Targeting Specific Skin Conditions

One of the advantages of using serums is that they target specific skin problems like sun or age spots, acne, lack of glow, fine lines or sagging skin.

So, if you need to deal with any specific skin condition apart from aging, you can look for serums that contain ingredients specialized for this condition.

For example, Niacinamide Serums are good for a number of skin conditions such as acne breakouts, hyperpigmentation, skin dryness and aging while Hyaluronic Acid Serums are perfect for holding in moisture and making your skin more resistant to aging.

Vitamin C serums are great for dealing with age spots and giving your skin a nice glow and an even tone, offering a light Sun protection while Peptide Serums work fine to make your skin tighter, boost collagen production and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Also, Retinol serums have multiple anti aging and skin improving benefits.

Finally, if you want a natural brightening serum which does not contain hydroquinone, a skin irritant and potentially carcinogenic ingredient, then a Kojic Acid Serum is a good alternative.

Just Remember!

A lot of the serums combine different active ingredients that are good in dealing with different skin conditions.

If you are interested in buying only one serum, you should think of whether you want to target one condition and look for few ingredients that are more effective for this condition and in higher concentrations or if you want to deal with more than one conditions, you can look for a serum that contains a combination of ingredients that target more than one skin condition.

In the beginning, you can try a few serums to see which one suits your skin best and the results they offer, so you may find that you need more than just one serum.

Depending on the condition of your skin or the skin problems you want to deal with, decide which serum you need the most and buy accordingly.

Serums Are Not Only for Aging Skin

If you think that it is good to use serums only when your skin starts aging, you are making a mistake.

Serums have various benefits including moisturizing, evening skin tone, adding glow, protecting from Sun damage, dealing with breakouts and even preventing premature aging.

So, if you are in your mid twenties and you are wondering whether it is a good idea to start using a serum, I would say that it is a great idea but you need to choose carefully a good quality product that contains antioxidants to prevent premature aging and other ingredients that are effective for any other skin condition you want to deal with.

That is how you will protect your skin from all sorts of skin deteriorating factors and help it look fresher and healthier for longer.

Just Remember!

Serums are not redundant but they can really help your skin become more resistant to aging and improve its appearance.

Even Serums Take their Time to Work

Even if serums are very effective skincare products, it does not mean that you are going to start seeing miracles at once.

For some more complex conditions you will need to wait for some weeks to experience better results whereas for others, you will be able to see positive changes a lot earlier.

Just Remember!

If you don’t have the luxury of trying out different serums, just go for ingredients that have been proven to be effective in anti aging care such as Retinol, peptides and copper peptides, vitamins C and E and others.

In conclusion, skin serums have been a staple in our skincare routine not only because of their effectiveness but also because of their easy application and fast absorption into the skin.