4 Reasons To Use A Natural Oil For Skin Daily

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Natural oils for skinNatural Oils have so many different benefits and uses for the skin that makes them a valuable product in our daily skin care regimen.

They do also have therapeutic properties and therefore can be used for a number of skin issues from acne to oily skin, scars, stretch marks and more.

Here we will give you four reasons you need to use a natural oil for your skin daily no matter what your skin type is.

Protection Against Free Radicals

This is one of the main reasons natural oils are good for your skin, which is protecting the skin against the damage of free radicals and therefore preventing aging or fighting already existing aging signs.

Examples of these natural oils that have rich antioxidant and therefore anti-aging properties include argan oil, marula oil, maracuja oil and rosehip oil.

Argan Oil contains ten times more vitamin E than olive oil, which in combination with the phenols, squalene and carotene that it also contains, makes Argan an active ingredient against free radicals.

In addition, the high amount of vitamin C in marula oil (4 times more than the orange) and in the passion fruit oil or maracuja oil makes these two natural oils top ingredients in modern cosmetology.

You can apply 2-3 drops every morning directly to your face or alternatively mix them with your daily moisturizer. Nevertheless, since the skin cell renewal process takes place during the night, you may want to boost this process by applying one of these nourishing oils to your skin at night.

Also, you may feel more comfortable with night application since during the day, you might feel hesitant to use a natural oil and then put on makeup, although the amount that you need to use is very small. It is just a matter of personal preference.

Soothing, Toning and Healing Properties

Argan oil, yangu oil and borage oil all have skin soothing properties and promote the skin’s resistance to irritation because of their high amount of fatty acids. 2-3 drops of natural oil after cleansing your face are enough to soothe the skin.

They Absorb Deeply into the Skin

Their thin consistency and, in particular, their lipophilic composition helps the natural oils to absorb more easily and not just sit on the surface layer of the epidermis, which makes them more effective and deeply nourishing.

Improve Skin Hydration

Around our late 30’s is the time when the first signs of aging become visible, for example fine lines and wrinkles get deeper. One of the reasons for this is the reduction of natural oils of the epidermis. Also, the hydrolipid film becomes weaker and therefore it cannot keep moisture in the skin so well.

Often, daily skin care products we use contain some natural oils but the amount is not enough to replenish moisture. Buying natural oils separately and not just depend on the fact that they may be found in some daily moisturizers is the best option.

Natural oils replenish lost moisture in the skin. There is a number of moisturizing natural oils for the skin such as avocado oil, coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil and others.

In conclusion, natural oils are very beneficial and there are many reasons you may want to use them daily for your skin.