4 Premature Skin Aging Signs And Symptoms

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Premature skin aging signsWhile our skin´s resistance to aging is up to some extent genetically predetermined, 70-80% of how our skin looks depends on how we treat it but also different other factors from bad eating habits to environmental pollution and so on and so forth.

Today more than ever our skin is more vulnerable to premature skin aging but there are also more ways available to prevent premature skin aging signs and symptoms.

The truth is that while we all wish that our skin stayed youthful for as long as possible, aging signs will inevitably appear but it is in our hands to reduce and make those signs less visible.

So, let´s have a look at 4 premature skin aging signs that will help you tackle and even prevent prematurely aged skin.

Prematurely Aged Skin Characteristics

If someone asked you to describe prematurely aged skin, here are 4 characteristics that will help you define it successfully.

Dark Spots

The sun is the main cause of photoaged skin, which is the number one factor for premature skin aging.

Those small dark spots that we see appearing (even in our mid twenties) on our face, decollete and shoulders reveal our skin´s overexposure to the sun. These skin spots are brown in color, oval and they usually appear on the skin at the end of the summer. They are the most common form of sun damage pigmentation.

What can we do?

One of the most effective ways to prevent black spots on the skin is to use a high SPF sunscreen during the whole year and not just on the face but on all of those areas that are exposed to the sun.

You also need to exfoliate regularly because that is how you remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and boost cell regeneration, which results in reducing skin discoloration naturally.

Of course, vitamin C serum is also a great way to remove dark spots on face and hands.

Dull Looking Skin

Dull skin is an indication that the cells of your skin are not renewed at a normal pace, which results in the accumulation of dead cells on the skin´s surface.

Dead skin cells and the oxidative stress that the skin suffers from due to its daily exposure to all those negative factors including the sun, pollution, bad diet, smoking and poor sleeping patterns lead to the skin losing its brightness and vitality as well as looking dull and lifeless.

What can we do?

Boosting your skin with antioxidants inside out is one of the best ways to deal with skin dullness. Antioxidants get rid of free radicals, boost hydration, reinforce the protective barrier of your skin and improve skin tone and texture naturally.

Another way to get rid of dull looking skin is to exfoliate as often as it is needed. Great ingredients for this purpose are AHA and BHA acids such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid or lactic acid which due to their keratolytic action, they quickly and easily remove the dead cells and allow the new and healthy ones to come to the surface.

Dehydration In Skin

Did you know that your skin gives a daily fight against the environment to stay properly hydrated? Well, the bad news is that most of the times, this fight is unequal. The balance in the epidermis barrier is disrupted and the levels of moisture gradually decreases.

The result is rough texture of skin, fine lines and a feeling of discomfort in the skin. These are all signs of a dehydrated skin.

The good news is that we can prevent dehydration in the skin and therefore prevent the skin aging that comes as a result of a dehydrated skin.

What can we do?

Dehydration in the skin can be easily prevented and dealt with. You just need to use gentle cleansing products that are free of harsh chemicals and apply products that contain effective moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerine, niacinamide, squalane, ceramides and others.

Natural oils that are good for dehydrated skin are argan oil, primrose oil, rosehip oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil and almond oil. In cases of very dry skin, lac hydrin lotion can do wonders.

Also, avoiding prolonged contact with water is recommended for preventing dehydration and therefore premature skin aging.

Crow´s Feet Appearance

Crow´s feet are those fine lines appearing in the outer corner of the eye and becoming deeper as the time passes. The sun is the main cause of crow´s feet since daily exposure to the sun ultraviolet rays is the cause of elastin´s premature damage.

Given the fact that the eyes area is the most sensitive skin area of your body since it is very thin and has few sebaceous glands, it is understood that premature formation of fine lines and eye wrinkles can easily take place there.

What can we do?

To prevent eye wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of prematurely aged skin, sun protection and intensive hydration is a must. While the sunscreen will daily protect your skin from sun rays, hydrating products will boost the moisture and elasticity of the skin, making it less vulnerable to aging.

The best option is to use mineral sunscreen products instead of chemical sunscreens, which reflect and diffuse sunlight, stopping it from reaching the deeper layers of the skin. Also, never forget to wear a good quality of sun glasses.

All in all, if you have been wondering what prematurely aged skin looks like, the 4 premature skin aging signs and symptoms described above will hopefully help you understand how to protect your skin from aging in an effective and at the same time completely natural way.