11 Famous Stars´ Beauty Secrets

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Beauty secrets have always been very popular and especially when they come from famous lips, they are even more engaging and interesting to hear.

But can we really benefit by those famous stars’ beauty secrets or they are simply overrated? Let´s have a look at the beauty tips some of the most favourite actresses of the previous century shared and decide if we can use them for our own beauty vanity purposes.

Our list starts with:

Marilyn Monroe

Although it is said that Monroe had a lot of beauty secrets, she only revealed few of those during her lifetime. For example, it was said that the glow of her face came from a face cream with hormones she used, which made her develop a facial peach fuzz that made her face hazily glow.

It was also a well known fact that she liked to exercise lifting weights and she followed a protein diet.

Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers followed the same skin care routine for years. It included washing her face with water and soap as well as applying a thick creamy type of cleansing lotion which she removed with a soft cloth. After that, she would pat her skin with a toning lotion that contained hamamelis in order to boost micro-circulation.

If we wanted to comment on Ginger Roger´s skin care, we would say that cleaning your face with soap is not recommended today since it can dry out the skin. The removal of the lotion with a cloth such as muslin cloth is a good way to massage the skin and provide light exfoliating benefits while the hamamelis, commonly known as witch hazel, is very popular even today for its astringent and its many other skin beneficial properties.

Audrey Hepburn

Due to her beautiful eyes and intense eyebrows, Audrey Hepburn used to keep the rest of her face with some light makeup on and just focus on the eyes and eyelashes which she used to intensify using plenty of mascara.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly was very conscious of the way the hands look after a certain age and believed that a woman´s hands can indicate her real age. That is why she always kept her hands well moisturized by applying a hand lotion.

Joan Crawford

One of Joan Crawford´s daily beauty tricks was to fill up the basin with ice cubes and splash her face with iced water in order to tighten the skin pores. Also, she did not like to shoot a scene if the temperature was warm because she believed that the heating made her makeup meltdown and her skin look not glowing enough.

Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth liked applying some hot oil on her washed hair, rubbing it with a towel and letting the oil treatment work for 15 minutes before shampooing her hair again using hot water and fresh lemon juice in order to fully remove the oil.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor is said to have believed in the power of a good night sleep and an effective peeling, and there is no doubt about the effectiveness of either of these super beauty treatments.

Bette Davis

It is said that Bette Davis kept slices of cucumber on the eyelids while she was sleeping at night and liked applying a thick layer of vaseline under the eyes to fight dark circles.

Vivien Leigh

Vivien Leigh did not like her thin lower lip so in order to make it look fuller, she used a lip liner. This is a common beauty lip tip that is followed today as well.

Gloria Swanson

Gloria Swanson believed in the power of a healthy natural diet for a glowing skin so she used to consume a lot of raw vegetables and make her own face masks using raw natural foods.

Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman was also a natural beauty enthusiast and a healthy lifestyle supporter, so she used to daily exercise, use the stairs instead of taking the lift as well as follow a healthy diet. Also, she liked using the sauna and massaging her body with an exfoliating glove. It was said that her good genes were responsible for her perfect complexion.

In conclusion, the above famous stars’ beauty secrets give us an idea of how women took care of themselves during the previous century, and most of these beauty tips are effective even today.