10 Mistakes Of At-Home Hair Waxing And Shaving

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Hair waxing and shaving at home are the most common and economical methods of self hair removal. Shaving gives you immediate results while waxing removes the hairs from the root and in the long run helps to make hair grow less.

Nevertheless, hair waxing and shaving can lead to unpleasant irritations and minor accidents like cuts or burns. To avoid all of these, there are some do’s and don’ts you need to keep in mind. So, let’s have a look at the mistakes we do when hair waxing or shaving at home.

1) Removing hair without scrubbing the body before

The only way to get rid of ingrown hairs is to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. If you replace your soft shower sponge with an exfoliating shower glove, you can get a mild daily exfoliation.

For better results, you can try a dry body brush.

The benefits of body exfoliation are many. You will get deep hair removal while your skin all over the body will feel soft and smooth.

2) Shaving your legs early in the morning

Shaving your legs in just a few minutes while you shower early in the morning does surely save you some valuable time.

Still, this is not the most perfect time to shave since you may be in a hurry or not fully awake and that´s how you might get some minor cuts or irritations.

So, it is better to devote time to shaving during your night bath when you have all the time you need to shave properly.

3) Shaving your legs before having your bath

Shaving your legs without having a bath first is not a good habit. Having a bath means that warm water softens the hairs and opens up the pores of your skin.

Also, clean skin prevents you from getting any unpleasant irritation caused by the contact of your electric shaver with dirt or bacteria that may exist on the surface of the skin.

4) Using the same cartridge razor for a long time

If you are using cartridge razors, you should replace your razor with a new one after three or four times of use so that you get a sharp shave and you protect your skin from possible cuts and irritations.

If you like using a safety razor, you should also change its blade once in a while depending on the quality of the razor blade and the thickness of your hair.

5) Avoid using shaving cream

A specially designed shaving cream for women makes hair removal easier, softening the hairs and protecting the skin from irritation.

Use the cream by applying it on your skin and shaving in the direction of the hair growth.

6) Hair waxing too often

A con of hair waxing is that it takes at least four weeks for the hair to grow so you can wax again. If you wax more often than that, waxing is not effective. That´s the reason why may young girls choose to shave than wax.

Still, if you choose hair waxing as your preferred method of hair removal, you can find some top options, in our best hair removal wax review.

7) Not Checking upon the right wax temperature

Before applying the wax, you should always check the temperature on the inside of your hand. If the wax is very cold, you can´t spread it correctly while if it is very hot, you run the risk of burning and irritating your skin.

After waxing for a few times, you will get to know the right temperature for application but there are also spatulas with temperature indicators.

8) Picking up the wrong days of the month for hair waxing removal

Bikini hair removal waxing close to your menstruation days is not a good idea because of the pain. So, it is better to hair wax at those days in the middle of your menstrual cycle.

9) Applying and removing the wax in the wrong way

Apply the wax always in the direction of hair growth. Also, apply the strip in the same direction and put little pressure along the strip once or twice. With one hand keep the skin taut and with the other hand remove the strip towards the opposite direction very rapidly.

10) Not paying much attention to the contraindications of hair waxing

There are certain cases when hair waxing is not recommended as a hair removal method. These include following an acne treatment with retinoids which can make the skin particularly sensitive, problems in the circulatory system or even cases of solar erythema and sunburn.

All in all, these were the most common mistakes people do when hair waxing or shaving at home. Avoiding them can make your whole shaving experience more effective, safer and less painful or irritating.