10 Do’s To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

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How to make your hair color last longerFollowing some natural tips to make your hair color last longer and prevent it from fading is a good way to make the best of your pretty looking dyed hair and promote its beauty and health.

Let’s have a look at 10 do’s to prevent your hair color from fading fast and making it last long looking bright and vivid.

1) Avoid washing your hair with hot water

Did you know that even if you are using the best shampoo for color treated hair but you keep washing your hair, even during the summer months, with hot water, your hair color will start fading sooner than expected?

In that case, you need to wash your hair with lukewarm and even better cool water in order to protect your hair color and make your hair look impressively shiny.

2) Don’t use shampoos that contain harsh ingredients

A lot of shampoos on the market today contain harsh ingredients like sulfates whose main aim is to create a rich foam. The problem is that apart from the other negative effects these sulphate shampoos have, they make your hair color fade.

So, it is better to go for a sulphate-free shampoo, especially if you daily wash your hair. If you don´t have a sulphate shampoo and till you get the chance to buy one, you can add a little conditioner to your normal shampoo which will make your shampoo formula more friendly to your color treated hair.

3) Avoid overexposure to high temperatures when using heat styling appliances

Excessive use of styling devices such as curling iron wands and even worse hair straighteners destroys the pigment molecules and leads to the fast fading of your hair color.

So, if you cannot avoid everyday hair styling, you can choose good quality styling tools with different levels of heat and those ones that are ceramic coated so that the heat is equally dispensed along the heated parts of the device.

If you go on holiday, keep some specially designed for summer hair styling products with you that will keep your hair in a good condition without needing to use heat styling tools.

4) Use heat protective hair products

Not using hair protective hair products leads to the burning of the outermost part of the hair which not only leads to the fading of your hair color but also to the hair becoming frizzy over time as well as dry and prone to breakage.

Heat protective styling products form an invisible film on your hair that protects it from heating and at the same time keeps your hair color shiny and intact for a longer time.

5) Stop overusing hair styling products that contain alcohol

Some hair styling products such as gels, mousse and sprays contain lots of alcohol which is one of those ingredients that fade the color fast and make your hair dry.

So, if you want to protect your hair dye, look for hair styling products that are more natural and contain gentle ingredients.

6) Your skin is not the only one that needs sunscreen protection

The UVA and UVB rays do not only cause serious damage to the skin cells but also damage the hair and fade the hair dye fast.

The solution to this is the use of specialized hair products with UV protection which you should use not only when you are on the beach but whenever you get exposed to the sun.

These hair sunscreen products include sprays, creams and oils but if you are on the beach and you don’t have any of these products, you can wet your hair under the shower and apply a small amount of your usual skin sunscreen. It is said that this hair sunscreen trick works!

7) Protect your hair against sea salt and chlorine

Apart from the damaging effects of the sun to your hair dye, the sea salt and the chlorine of the pool will also lead to the fading your hair color.

So, before getting into the water, remember to use a protective hair sunscreen or if you don´t have any, a simple hydrating hair conditioner can do the trick as well.

8) Use deep conditioning and nourishing hair masks

Color treated hair that gets exposed to the sun, sea salt or chlorine of the pool becomes dehydrated and easy to break.

The only way to help it recover during those more demanding periods is to use, even daily, a deep conditioning, repairing and nourishing hair mask which will provide your hair with essential nutrients to fight and prevent any hair damage as well as the fading of its color.

Some natural oils are also perfect for deeply conditioning and repairing your hair. You might have heard about the great benefits of Argan oil and even Jamaican Black Castor Oil but you would be pleasantly surprised by the wonderful benefits of Marula Oil and Maracuja Oil for your hair.

9) Remove the chlorine from your hair soon after you get out of the water

If you want to preserve your hair color for as long as possible, avoid leaving the chlorine dry on your hair after each time you get out of the pool.

Chlorine does not get easily removed from dry hair unless you have a special shampoo, so if it does not get fully removed, it is going to affect color treated hair negatively.

10) Dive into the pool with wet hair instead of dry hair

Dry hair absorbs a lot more water than wet hair and therefore chlorine, and that is why if you wet your hair in the shower before getting into the pool, it won´t absorb the same amount of chlorine.

That is how you can protect your hair color against the fading and drying effect that the chlorinated water of the pool has.

All in all, protecting your hair color against fading and making it last longer might be more difficult than what you have thought it could be, but following some tips and do´s to protect it will also help your hair be more healthy, shiny and pretty.