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I love selecting quality skin care products to write reviews on and expand on different skin care topics and tips that my readers can find useful for enhancing their skin beauty and health.

Skin care has always excited me and because of my sensitive skin I always knew that I had to go deeper into skin care so that I understand better my skin’s reactions and learn more about how to have a healthy looking and more resistant to aging skin.

So that’s what I have done, I researched more about skin beauty and health, talking to people who were also interested in a less invasive and more natural approach to skin care, and that is also how I got to develop a preference for natural and organic skin care which I think helped me to realize my skin’s needs and reactions better.

This site is about sharing all the things I have learned and experienced with the aspiration to develop even more in this field and provide useful information about it.

In specific, you can read personally selected skin care product reviews about face care, eye care, body care and hair care. Also, a lot of skin care tips and home recipes to help your skin be healthy looking, glowing and more immune to different signs of aging.

But since skin care is also directly linked to beauty skin care products, it has happened that me, like everyone else I suppose, has had some good and not so good experiences with them.

And what about you, how many times have you ended up buying skin care products that didn’t do a thing for the purpose for which they were purchased and even triggered some type of irritation or breakouts?

Especially all those of you who have sensitive skin know how important it is to have an idea of what your skin reacts to so that you avoid it.

It is also true that skin care can be very individualized but in this site, I am trying to provide reviews of products which I carefully select and choose to write about based on certain criteria. Let me share with you some of them.

Personally, I prefer when a product contains mainly natural and organic certified ingredients, so my top and main picks for my reviews are those products who are free of cheap synthetic fillers or harmful toxic ingredients.

If I am pleased with the majority of the ingredients but there is some type of a preservative which can be irritating for certain types of skin or it is characterized as controversial, I pinpoint it.

Of course the synergistic combination of ingredients is also very important as to the effectiveness and quality of the final formula because what is the point of having few effective ingredients and combine them with a bunch of cheap fillers?

The percentage of the so called potent components also plays a big role in making a product effective especially when it has to do with anti aging skin care.

Of course, I like writing reviews on products I have personally used and I just love writing reviews on products which my skin has felt great with and have become my favorites. In those cases, I can more safely recommend them to people who I think that those items will be most suitable for.

In order to pick up a product to write a review on, I research a lot on the manufacturer company, product features like ingredients, general information and user reviews.

I am really glad when I find skin care companies which support environmental projects, use reasonably sourced methods with an eye on the local communities and are run by environmentally friendly principles.

For me, it is also very important to be aware of people’s preferences, so I like being alert when it has to do with popular products. Still, the popularity of a product is not my basic criteria to write reviews on but it sometimes works as a first indication which has to be further looked into.

Finally, what I really love thinking about when it has to do with what this blog can offer to my readers is helpful and interesting skincare information as well as beneficial to their skin health and beauty product suggestions.

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